POP QUIZ: Which Trump Woman Are You?

If there is any hope for America when Donald Trump becomes president, it’s that he surrounds himself with some pretty awesome women.

His daughters and wife (and ex-wives) are all so cool. Like for example, Ivanka is a model and businesswoman extraordinaire and her mom, Ivana, was an Olympic skier and the Kris Jenner before Kris Jenner. Tiffany, Donald’s slightly neglected but still important west coast daughter, is the too-cool rebellious type, and his current wife Melania is goals af as far as marrying up goes.

They are all so different though, in their own unique way. So find out which of Trump’s babes you are the most like, and take our quiz.

Here are the results in full in case you want to read about the other Trumps!

Melania Trump:

Tall, dark, and moody, you’re a brunette bombshell who also has a bit of a past. You might lie and steal on occasion, but only so you don’t embarrass your loved one. You enjoy the beautiful things in life: champagne, caviar, and lots of carefully selected emojis on your Twitter account. Having been born in a land far away, you’re a total jet-setter. You’re cool and confident. Nothing can ruffle your feathers because despite your husband’s cheating past, the only person he’d leave you for is his eldest daughter and that’s not legal! Yet.

Ivanka Trump:

The most successful of Trump’s women, you are loyal, caring, and above all, pragmatic. For instance, you know an aura of wealth is important to your personal brand and your father’s campaign, but you’re still not above selling your namesake shoe line at Sears. Family means a lot to you — so much so that you will say anything to get your dad what he wants! Literally anything! You will even pretend he’s a feminist! It’s great.

Ivana Trump:

The original Kris Jenner, you are unabashedly glamorous and will stop at nothing to raise the most successful children possible. You’re all about that “ladies who lunch” life and you put the comfort of yourself and your children above all else — to the point where you will probz look the other way if bae cheats, unless he gets sloppy about it like the Donald. But you’re too cool to get mad. Instead, you divorce his ass and get everything. Above all else, you are a great mom and probably the main reason why Ivanka Trump is not a garbage monster. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

Tiffany Trump:

The rebel of the bunch, you’ve grown up watching your family succeed in every area of business, only to decide your contribution will be to release an AutoTuned pop song a la Kim Kardashian. That’s not to say you’re a slouch, though — you got into a good school and managed to party your way through while completely avoiding scandal. Friends mean more to you than family, and when you go out, you really go all out. You have a circle of glamorous friends and live a rich kid lifestyle, but you’re really a good person at heart. You just might have some daddy issues.

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