Rude Bernie Bros Tried to Boo Sarah Silverman Off The Stage Yesterday

Bernie bros don’t exactly have a reputation for politeness or tact, and yesterday at the Democratic National Convention, they decided it would be fun to try and boo Sarah Silverman off the stage for turning her back on the fold and telling people to vote for the notorious she-devil otherwise known as Hillary Clinton.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what delusion looks like.

Although Sarah Silverman endorsed Bernie Sanders back in March because, “he’s been on the right side of history at every turn – not along with history when it becomes popular,” she’s totally fine with switching her vote to Hillary seeing as, you know, that’s who the DNC is about to announce as their candidate for the Presidency. 

Surprise surprise, the Bernie Bros were not about that and like the male privilege-toting dicks they are, they decided to make their displeasure known.

“Hillary is our democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her,” Silverman intoned, trying to be heard against the combination of cheers and boos that resounded throughout the hall.

After a minute, Silverman wisely decided to make the best possible use of her platform and tell all the Bernie Bros in the room something they desperately needed to hear.

“To the Bernie or Bust crowd, you’re being ridiculous.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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