Congrats America, The Trumps Just Replaced the Kardashians as Most Googled Family

After years of people constantly complaining about how annoying, attention-hungry and dumb the Kardashians are, they’ve finally been replaced as the most googled family in America.

Now, it’s the Trumps’ turn, which is great seeing as not only are they a family people can say all the same things about, but they also represent a genuine threat to democracy.

Congrats America, look at how far we’ve come.

This massive win for the Trumps happened over the course of this week, which seems equally logical and confusing to me.

On the one hand, the Republican National Convention has been going on this week, so we’ve had maximum exposure to the Trumps.

On the other hand, Kim made a lot of headlines this week, and yet according to Google Trends, interest in the Kardashians has barely gone up.

While it’s comforting to know that Americans are at least trying to give a crap about politics this year, the popularity of the Trumps is not exactly a great thing.

Because for every person that’s Googling Tiffany Trump to hear her under appreciated pop masterpiece “Like A Bird,” there’s another person, like my father, who’s Googling the Donald so he can further brainwash himself into thinking that all of Donald’s dumb, hateful ideas like building a wall between the US and Mexico and banning Muslins from immigrating will for suuuuuuure make America great again.

Honestly, guys, what was so wrong with the Kardashians being the most popular family?

They may not be “important” but at least they’ll never decide it’s a good idea to nuke another country because some world leader made fun of Kim’s latest naked selfie.

Just saying.

I’ll take a harmlessly fluffy family over a politically connected one any day.

[H/T Elite Daily]


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