These Astrological Signs Are The Luckiest In Love, According To a Study

If you’re the average horoscope reader, you believe in them when it’s convenient to you.

If you’re reading your horoscope before a big exam and it says to “stop stressing and have faith in your abilities,” you’re probably like, “fuck yeah, I knew I was going to ace this exam, I shouldn’t have spent all night studying.”

If you read your horoscope during a new relationship and it says that heartbreak is in your stars, you scoff and think to yourself, “horoscopes are so fake, how could everybody born in September have the same fate anyways? Besides, Brian is obviously my future husband.”

Sagittarius men and women, Libra women, and Capricorn men are allegedly the luckiest in love, according to a study done by Plenty Of Fish. Aquarius men and women are reportedly the unluckiest in love, poor little winter BBs.

The study is more valuable than your average astrologer looking to the stars, because their results are based on actual people. Plenty of Fish (which is a dating site, in case you didn’t know), analyzed 150,000 of their successful couples (and former users) and took note of everyone’s horoscope sign.

While 300,000 people is a large sample size, we wondered what our readers who fall into the luckiest or unluckiest signs thought of their love lives and if the study added up IRL. Because it’s easy to say that you’re lucky when you’re in a relationship, but not so easy when you’re single af.


Sagittarius’ are apparently the luckiest in love all around, mostly because they have the strongest compatibility across all signs, according to the study. However, when we asked Sagittarius men and women their opinions, many felt the like they were the complete opposite.

Alyssa, who has been dating her boyfriend for 2.5 years, said, “I don’t really believe that it’s about luck. I think it’s more about what you’re looking for and who you meet. But if you want a straight answer, then I’d say it’s 50/50.”

Other Sagittarius ladies felt unlucky, despite their sign.

“I think I have the worst luck. I’m like that girl that turns nice boys into fuck boys,” says Kristina.

“Sometimes. Kind of hard to answer yes or no definitively, I have been before, but not recently,” said Anna.

Even those who were currently in relationships, like Zach, didn’t feel like they were inherently lucky in love.

“[I’m] incredibly unlucky actually. my girlfriend and I have had the worst luck.”

Perhaps the “lucky” feeling comes once you get a little bit older and people want to settle down?

“My mom is a Sagittarius,” explains Gabriella. “She got proposed to three times (including my Dad). She invited all of her ex’s to her wedding and one had to be kicked out because he was a mess, crying and stuff.”

Kayleigh, who is marrying an Aquarius (Sagittarius are the best matches for Aquarius’), said, “Sure [I feel lucky], but it’s a balance of a child like nature and passionate beliefs. Two strong traits of a sagittarius [are] being playful (good relationship quality) and having the wherewithal to stay in relationships.”

Libra Women:

The Libra women we spoke to don’t all seem to think that they’re lucky, but they all seem to be taken, which could equate to being lucky for some.

“I am the most unlucky person in the world, I literally have the worst luck. I’m thinking I feel lucky I found [my boyfriend], but I’ve never dated anyone before him,” says Heather, who has been dating her boyfriend for two years.

“I feel like I found love exactly when I was ready for it. The sole fact that it came at such a perfect time makes me feel like I am extremely lucky in love,” explains Nicole.

“I’ve always had a boyfriend like throughout high school/college, in high school I had three boys I was close with for like a year each,” says Lyndsey. “Overall I’d say yea, I’m lucky I guess cause I always had someone. Whether or not every relationship was actually a good one and I was truly happy is another story.”

Capricorn Men:

Capricorn men are very compatible with most signs, specifically Sagittarius, Virgo, or Taurus women.

“I’d like to think [I’m lucky]. She’s my first girlfriend, but pretty sure she’s gonna be my last. So, lucky for sure,” said Dennis.

Matt, who is apparently a poet, says “I don’t know if ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ are the words I’d use, but I guess unlucky if I had to choose.”


While many Aquarius’ agreed that they had a tough time with relationships, others felt even more lucky than the Sagittarius’ that we surveyed.

“I’m very lucky,” says Tara. “I guess it’s mostly a result of finding my boyfriend who I truly think is one of a kind – that’s what makes me feel lucky. Especially knowing all the kind of guys my friends have had the unfortunate experience of dating.”

“I feel I could be lucky,” says Tai. “Im just one with massive trust issues so I’m never looking for one and even when it falls on my lap, I always find a reason to discredit it and run. So it’s always me really. Just not ready to open up again.”

Paola, however, agrees with the statistics. “I feel like I just never really like the guys that want me and when I do like someone they don’t feel the same way for me. Aquarius’ are very distant so it makes sense I guess.”

Overall, it’s hard to decide if our star signs are the real reason why we do (or don’t) have a bae that we’re happy with. Plus, so many of us are so young that it’s tough to know what the stars hold for us in the next 10 or 20 years when it comes to our relationships. Either way, if you’re a single aquarius, now you can explain that to your older relatives when they badger you about why you’re still single.

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