6 Things You Should Never Expect In a New Relationship

You know in movies like “The Notebook” where characters only have an hour and a half to fall in love so they basically are enamored with each other within the first fifteen minutes? By the time an hour has passed, they’re engaged, and the dude is basically everything you wish your current boo would be.

Unfortunately, real relationships aren’t like Hollywood rom-coms. Guys are slow to fall in love, and even slower to learn how to understand girls. In a new relationship, a guy may fuck up plenty of times. No, not a huge fuck up like cheating on you, but a tiny fuck up like buying you a big box of chocolates when you’re on a cleanse.

If you expect a guy to be a perfect prince charming/slave to you as soon as you start dating, you’re going to be disappointed pretty quickly. That’s not to say you should accept a shitty boyfriend, but you also need to be realistic.

1. For Him To Drop Everything For You
Contrary to popular belief, some guys have lives other than trying to get laid (some). Just because you’re now “together,” doesn’t mean that he’s suddenly going to be at your beck and call. He has other friends, some of which may be girls, other responsibilities, and other hobbies besides being your cuddle buddy all night long.
2. Expensive Gifts

If you want a boyfriend so that you can take fancy trips and own those Prada sunglasses you’ve been eyeing, get a sugar daddy instead. Regardless of a guy’s paycheck (or his dad’s paycheck) you can’t expect him to want to buy lavish gifts for a girl he just became serious with.

Would you buy a Rolex for a dude within a week of dating him? What if you find out a month later that he’s a fuckboy? Seriously, if you’re so concerned with what your boo is buying for you, just get a sugar daddy, it’s way easier than finding a boyfriend, trust me. 

3. To Be His #WCE
When you officially define the relationship with your boyfriend, you probably want the whole world to know. Seconds after you have “the talk” you’re already sending a relationship request on FB, making him your#MCM, and putting him in your Top 8 (lol jk). Seriously though, while you may love flaunting your sexy bf and all your other personal info on social media, many dudes don’t. Just because he doesn’t make you his #WCW doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. If hen takes this to the extreme and doesn’t want you tagging photos of him, etc. on social media, that’s a warning sign of infidelity, but use your best judgement to realize what’s normal vs. crazy. You should be wanting a perfect relationship in real life, not on social media. Besides, the less people involved in your relationship, the better.

4. For Him To Always Say The Right Thing

Personally, I think that if a guy always knows exactly what to say, he’s probably a fuckboy with too much practice. Every girl is different, and therefore every girl has different things that will piss her off. For example, when you bitch about a pimple, are you the type of girl who wants a guy to say “you look perfect just the way you are, I don’t even see it?” Or would you prefer him to say something like, “I’m sorry about that, I can pick you up something from the pharmacy to try to help?” Some girls love being called “baby,” some girls hate that shit. The only way a guy is going to know how to not get on your nerves is if you tell him what ticks you off. He might screw up a couple times early on, but if he cares about you he’ll pay attention and start getting it right before you know it.

5. For Girls To Stop Noticing Him

Even if you sent the aforementioned relationship request, not every girl in existence is going to know that your man is taken. If chicks text your dude, like his photos, or approach him at the club, you can’t be mad at him. Would you like it if your man tried to fight every single guy that spoke to you? No, that’d be fucking embarrassing. It’s how your boyfriend handles other girls hitting on him that’s important. Honestly, you should be flattered that you’ve got a man who’s constantly getting hit on, go you!

6. To Move In Together

Everything may feel perfect right now, but it’s hard to say where you two will be in a few months or a year. Not to be cynical, but moving in with a new partner is hardly ever a good idea. Just think about that time you moved in with your BFF and you wanted to stab her by the end of the lease? Whether it’s their lack of cleanliness or their noisy nighttime rituals, there are many things you learn about a person when you move in together. There’s nothing wrong with spending the night frequently at each others’ places, but give yourself a reality check before going apartment hunting, regardless of how much money you’d save.

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