The Actual Origins of 6 Words From Kim Kardashian’s Slang Glossary

Kim Kardashian is a gift to the 24-hour media cycle but her recent claim that the Kardashians are the ones who popularized words like “basic,” “fuckboy” and “sus” is super LOL. 

In a recent post on her app, Kim walks us through a variety of slang words we’ve probably heard before but maybe don’t understand. 

“My sisters and I have our own dictionary of terms we say ALL the time — so much that I see you guys starting to use them too, LOL. Here are the definitions of some of my fave fun words!”

Whether or not the “LOL” is an indication of whether Kim is kidding about all this or not, here’s where the seven words she claims her and her sisters popularized really came from.  



Okay, so “basic” is kind of a hard slang term to track down, but for sure the word’s been around since 1985 when forgotten ‘80s girl group Klymaxx told the world in their seminal song “Meeting in the Ladies Room” that they’d “hate to come down to their level and become a BW / a basic woman.”

Clearly it’s time for “BW” to make a comeback.

2. Boss

Believe it or not, “boss” is something your parents might have said to each other in the 50s to indicate that something or somebody was cool or great. Still, the word didn’t really take off until a couple decades later when Bruce Springsteen earned himself the nickname “The Boss” for killing it on an everyday basis.  

3. Vibes

Vibes has been around since the 60s and 70s, back when The Beach Boys used to sing about good vibrations and an entire generation started doing a lot of drugs and paying attention to their feelings.   

4. Slay

Slay comes from the 1960s/1970s drag ball scene, and was brought to the world’s general attention by pop diva queens like Beyoncé.

5. Snatched

Okay, we give up, the Kardashians can have snatched.

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