#ManCrushMonday: Greyston Holt Tells Us How To Move To Canada

Ever had someone tell you that you were in animal in bed? If you told that to Greyston Holt’s character in Bitten, you wouldn’t be joking.

Greyston Holt currently acts as a werewolf Clay Danver’s on SyFy’s Bitten, and he definitely looks the handsome, rugged, and dangerous part. A Canadian native, Greyston still currently lives near Vancouver. When he’s not starring on some of TV’s most popular shows, he’s playing a variety of instruments or getting fit outside. We asked Greyston where we should move to in Canada if American politics really fucks us over, we also talked sex scenes, running naked in the woods, and cheese fries.

Credit: Kourosh Keshiri

Many Americans are saying that they’ll move to Canada if Trump is elected as president. If they follow through on this promise, where in Canada do you recommend that they go?

It depends. Vancouver if you want mountains, ocean, and sushi or Toronto if you’re hip and want a big city with a pulse. Montreal if you want to party and eat poutine. If you want paradise then I’d say my hometown of Salt Spring Island on the west coast. It was actually a haven for draft dodgers in the ’60s and it has very much a free-spirited bohemian vibe.

What Canadian food do Americans need to try?

The aforementioned poutine! It’s just fries, cheese curds, and gravy, but it’s magic. If you’ve been out drinking and put one of these bad boys down the hatch before bed you will wake up with no hangover. I promise!

What do you think about the current American political race in general?

My honest opinion? It’s like a circus! At least on the Republican side. It’s really too bad that you have a clown like Trump taking all the attention away from issues that actually matter. The racial and xenophobic rhetoric across the board is dangerous and it’s only fueling the hate fire. Watching the Republican debates is like watching kids fight over who’s king of the castle. At least it’s pretty clear who the dirty rascal is. On the opposite side of that, it’s been really amazing to watch the rise of Bernie Sanders. The guy is so honest and transparent. I’ve never seen a candidate speak so candidly. It’s quite refreshing to see. I’m definitely feeling the Bern.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to prepare for a role?

I ran naked through the forest howling at the moon to help me find my character Clay in Bitten. I highly recommend trying it. It’s quite liberating.

Have you ever hooked up with a co-star? If so, how did it change working together afterward?

Only once and that was four years ago on a Canadian TV pilot I shot in Calgary. I’m still with her to this day and she’s made my life better in every way.

Who would you rather hook-up with, a vampire or a werewolf, why?

Werewolf. Vampires are creepy. There’s something more raw and primal about a werewolf. Let’s just say all senses are heightened.

What’s more fun to film, a fight scene or a sex scene? Why?

I’d take a fight over a sex scene any day. Believe it or not, I’ve never been in a real fight in my life so having the opportunity to film fight sequences is like a catharsis for me. I get to let out any rage or frustration I might be holding in. Also there is nothing “sexy” about filming sex scenes.

What’s the biggest stereotype you’ve heard about Canadians? How have you broken that stereotype?

That we’re super polite! I’m trying to break that stereotype by consciously being impolite. I’ve stopped apologizing when someone else bumps into me. I’m refraining from holding doors open for people. I’m tipping 19% instead of 20%. I’m on a mission to prove to America that Canadians are categorically not polite. We got this, Canada.

What aspect of your character in Bitten do you take into the bedroom with you?

Well seeing as I play a wolf, there is one particular position that comes to mind. I’ll let you chew on that. Pun intended.

You also play music, what are some albums you’ve been digging lately?

“New Bermuda” by Deafheaven, “Memorial” by Russian Circles , “A Bunch of Meninos” by DeadCombo. Explosions in the Sky also released two tracks from their new album “The Wilderness” which is being released April 1. I can’t frickin’ wait to hear the whole album. I’ve already pre-ordered it.

What song should Galore add to our sex playlist?

Anything Deftones. “You’ve Seen the Butcher” is a damn hot tune.

Have you ever serenaded a date? What song did you play?

Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with a singing voice, however I play guitar for my girlfriend often. Mostly my original music.

How is dating in Canada different than dating in America (if at all)?

I couldn’t tell you. I’ve never been in the American dating scene. I always figured that a date in the US would consist of meeting up at an old diner, sharing a milkshake then cruising up to “lover’s lookout” for a make-out session. Or is that a movie I’ve seen?

If someone has never seen Bitten, why should they start watching it (besides to check you out?)

We’re a very sexy, fast paced, and bloody show; but at its core it’s a show about a family. We just happen to be a very dysfunctional family of werewolves, but a lot of what we go through is relatable and familiar. Love. Passion. Heartbreak. Loss. Rivalry. Trust.

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