‘Twinks For Trump’ Review: Daddy Donald’s Debate Performance

Donald Trump is not exactly an ally to the LGBT community, but the Twitter account Twinks 4 Trump isn’t letting that stop them from loudly and proudly endorsing their “daddy.” So we asked Twinks 4 Trump to write a review of the debate exclusively for Galore readers. Read it below and don’t forget to follow @twinksfortrump on Twitter and buy a Twinks For Trump T-shirt here.

As usual, Donald J. Trump (who will be referred to as “daddy” for the rest of this review) showed that he has the public’s unwavering attention. Just look at us — a bunch of tiny, hairless gay men supporting daddy for president. Will he actively work against any policy that could benefit us? Yes. But is he absolutely irresistible? “You betcha,” as our favorite beat up old drag queen Sarah Palin would say.

Tiny Marco must have stayed too long at the foam party last night because daddy’s hands are pure magic. When we see his soft, tiny phalanges stroking the microphone it’s almost too much for our fragile hearts to handle. And he wants to talk about yoga? We’ve got a feeling he’s pretty familiar with the downward facing dog.

Ted Cruz, strike one: He’s fat. Strike two: He ate a booger last night. And strike three: Again, not to body shame, he’s just really fat and we can’t look at that double chin for four years.

Kasich? Never heard of her.

One final note: Megyn Kelly and daddy may have settled their issues last night, but we aren’t fooled for a second. We know she is just a closet Trumpette waiting to pounce when the moment is right. She may be the queen of Fox News, but we’re the queens of Twitter—and everyone knows that’s where daddy likes to spend most of his time.

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