Bernie Sanders Hired Drake’s Album Cover Artist to Make a Campaign Poster

Bernie Sanders has hired Jim Joe, the enigmatic artist notorious for his signature scrawl across Drake’s mixtape album cover, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” to reboot his campaign poster.

The poster, which features a photo (taken by Jamie James-Medina) of Bernie in standard politician pose can be downloaded in full at The portrait reads “HUMAN BEING,” and is accompanied by this statement:

“This artwork is free. It belongs to the people. Use it however you like.”

Points for egalitarianism, Bernie. Mad points.


So who is the artist responsible for the most iconic album cover of this decade, and cosigning Bernie Sanders in his effort to reach the cool kids? To this day, Jim Joe’s identity stays hidden, but his presence (via his handwriting, usually marked up on New York City buildings) permeates the world of internet memes, t-shirt companies looking to align themselves with relevant cultural symbols, and now, politics.

With so much conversation surrounding the political candidates’ abilities to reach a younger demographic, it’ll be interesting to see how Hillary responds. Maybe a Banksy mural interpretation of her highly embarrassing Dab dance moves?


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