Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Are Facing Off Again on TV Tonight

You’re gonna wanna tear your eyes away from your group chat for an hour or two tonight because the Republican debate is shaping up to be WAY more dramatic.

For the first time since August 2015, Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump will both be participating in a Fox News debate.

All of the debates since then were moderated by other Fox News hosts — except for the Jan. 28 debate, which Trump skipped because he was in the midst of a temper tantrum due to his hatred for Kelly after the last time they met on the debate stage.

But tonight at 9 p.m. EST, they’ll face off again. She’s promised to ask him a “10” question like she did the first time around.

“One of the reasons the first debate was so dynamic was because we opened up with a 10 for each candidate,” she told the New York Times. “That wasn’t as much about having the candidates spar, it was more about ‘this is who you are, this is what you stand for.’”

Kelly’s “10” question that time around, you’ll recall, had to do with the many degrading statements Trump has made about women.

“He for some reason didn’t think that question was fair, and then, I think, spent many weeks proving to the world it was fair,” Kelly said.

Here’s the clip from the first debate:

Trump clearly was not cool with having a hot blonde question him in any way, especially not about how he treats women. He responded that he believes the biggest problem in our country is political correctness, which… I don’t know, political correctness is annoying, but I would say mass incarceration, lack of healthcare access, and unemployment are slightly bigger inconveniences.

At tonight’s debate, Trump will surely be full of even more than his usual dose of nouveau-riche fuckboy swagger, since he’s fresh off a string of wins for Super Tuesday. But Kelly, boss that she is, will definitely know how to handle it.

The debate airs tonight at 9 but since you probably don’t have cable, you can stream it live on We’d say “may the best man win,” but this is politics we’re talking about so that’s already out the window.

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