Give Your Knees a Break With This Sex Position of the Week

We all know that boys love blowjobs. Unfortunately, not all of us girls love giving blowjobs. Sometimes it hurts our knees or our throats, and sometimes we just don’t want a big smelly dick in our face. Either way, you should probably give your man some head if you want some in return. The solution? This sex position of the week allows you to lay down and give head at the same damn time. Watch and learn…


In this position, you won’t hurt your knees or your wrists (although no promises about your throat). It’s kind of like the lazy woman’s blowjob, except if you’re man is dominant he’ll definitely take advantage of this. Unlike when your dude is laying down, this position makes it easy for him to literally f*ck your mouth as fast as he wants to. In this position you can easily use leverage from holding to your man’s leg, and if you’re dude is into butt stuff you could slide a hand back there.

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