Olivia Rose on Her New Video & How to Spot a Fuckboy (NSFW)

When you think “bombshell” you may think of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, but there are plenty of modern-day bombshells. Case in point: model Olivia Rose. Take one look at her Instagram, and prepare to have a major girl crush (or maybe some major jealousy).

But her Instagram is just a little taste of Olivia’s sexiness. Her recent photo book done with Imperial Pictures and her exclusive video give you an even closer look into the beautiful lady that is Olivia Rose.

We caught up with Olivia to talk fuckboys, heartbreak, and how to nail the perfect sexy pose.

Imperial Pictures is releasing a book of your sexy Polaroids, which photo is your favorite?

My favorites are the shots we took with wet hair from the shower towards the end of the night on the first day of shooting. We shot them in front of a fireplace and since it was freezing cold out, the heat from the fire felt amazing. Plus, since it was our last look we were shooting for the day, we had started to a little drink wine and everyone was dancing to music. Great vibes turn into great photos.

What do you think about when trying to nail the perfect seductive pose?

WWMD? What would Marilyn do?

What’s your biggest dating turn-on?

Make me laugh and love food as much as I do.

What’s your favorite sex position?

On top.

What’s the creepiest comment/DM you’ve ever received?

Ugh. Probably just dick pics that for some bizarre reason some men think girls want to see? It’s literally the worst.

Would you ever date a guy who slid into your DMs?

Probably not. I like meeting people in person and having a connection with them through conversation.

Have you ever hooked up with someone and immediately regretted it? Why?

Actually no! I’m not a hookup kind of gal. I mostly have only been in long term relationships. No time for fuck boys.

What’s the sexiest thing a dude can wear?

A good pair of great fitting denim and I love T-shirts on guys. The right shoes are major. Of course a tailored suit looks great too.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Tie between James Franco and Matthew McConaughey.

Tell us about your first heartbreak. How did you get over it?

My first heartbreak of course makes me laugh now. I was very young and naive and he said he just wanted to be single in high school and have fun. I’m pretty sure I’m fun enough! But, I got over it like we all do. I like to listen to music when I’m sad, and surround myself with friends

What’s something about love that you wish you could go back and tell your 13-year-old self?

At 13 you have no idea what you want yet. Don’t worry about these boys, because one day a man will come along.

Is shower sex overrated? What’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

Shower sex isn’t overrated. Craziest place? Probably a trampoline.

What’s the weirdest thing a guy has ever said to you about your body?

I’ll have to go look in my DMs that I’ve never responded to…

How can you spot a fuckboy?

The absolute worst thing… catcalls! Not the way to charm any woman.

If you were to lick a food item off of your lover’s body, what would it be?

I know whipped cream is the most cliché, but it’s freaking whipped cream!!

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