Why Being Single In The Fall Is Perfect As A Pumpkin Spice Latte

1. You Can Watch The Shows You Actually Like On Netflix

Okay, don’t even try to pretend that you actually enjoyed watching (or not watching) that one bro-type Netflix series with your man. You would much rather be enjoying all six seasons of Gossip Girl for the third time. After all, Chuck just gets cuter every time! Plus, you won’t have to share your popcorn (or caramel apples?) with anyone this time around.

2. You Can Wear The Sluttiest Costume On Halloween With No Judgement

Have you noticed that guys are totally into your tight little mini-dresses and low cut tops while you’re “talking,” but once you officially start dating they get all possessive? If we wanted someone to tell us how to dress, we would still be living with our parents (or grandparents). Why can’t guys realize that no matter how revealing our outfit is, the other boys can look, but he’s the only one that can touch. Can’t he just appreciate having some sexy arm candy and stop getting jealous?

3. You Can Pig Out On Thanksgiving In Front of Your Own Family Instead of Someone Else’s

Bringing a guy home for the holidays, or vice versa, is always much less enjoyable (and much more awkward) than you intend it to be. Let’s be real, things are awkward enough with your own family. Do you really need someone else’s grandma telling you that your heels are too high and asking what your plans are after graduation?

4. You Don’t Have To Worry About Chilly, Morning Walks of Shame

Summer walks of shame are more like strides of pride. The sun is shining, you’re rocking a cute sun dress and sandals, and you can stop and get a fucking ice cream cone on your way back to your place if you want. Once it starts getting cold? You’re begging your boo for a sweatshirt and trudging home through chilly streets in the morning while everyone who’s properly dressed judges the shit out of you. There’s no hiding your walk of shame in the wintertime, trust us.

5. All Your Fall Baking Will Be For Yourself

Making pumpkin spice cookies is fun and delicious, but not when you have to share them. Instead of packing up a box of goodies for your boo, you now get all the deliciousness to yourself!

6. You Don’t Have To Pretend To Like Football

Let’s be real, once the hot wings and tailgates are done, you couldn’t give a shit about the actual game. Instead of having to stay by a dude’s side while he freaks out at the TV screen, you can spend your Sunday nights doing something useful…like stalking your ex on Instagram!

7. Cute Fall Couple Activities Are Cuter In The Movies

Haunted houses make you pee your pants and Hay Rides give you Hay Fever, instead of attempting to have cute couple Instagrams, you can stay in your house and take selfies instead.

8. You Can Participate In No Shave November

Is there really a point in shaving your legs if nobody is going to be touching them? Same goes for your lady parts…Fuck it, if you’re gonna stick to long sleeves, might as well let your arm pits grow out too! Maybe come spring time you can get them waxed?

9. But Don’t Have To Deal With Anyone Else Participating…

What is it with dudes and No Shave November? Sure, some chicks like beards, and some guys look amazing with them…But beards are a lot less amazing when they’re scratching your face…or worse, your pussy.

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