Carly Fiorina’s Top 5 Shadiest Moments

When you think of throwing shade, pop divas and drag queens will normally come to mind first. But as this election season has taught us, politicians are spectacularly good at throwing shade too — especially Carly Fiorina.

And now, Carly is back in the news because Ted Cruz is currently writing some fanfic in which he wins the Republican nomination and picks her as his running mate. Yes, the GOP’s queen of shade will soon be in the running to be our next Vice President.

It’s a cute idea for sure, and Carly as Veep would be… exactly like Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep,” come to think of it. But it’s an idea that will never come true, because odds are Ted’s not gonna beat Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Still, it will be fun to hear once more from the batshit Carly. As she’s shown us time and time again, what she lacks in a sensible position on Planned Parenthood, she more than makes up for in shade skills.

Thanks to our fav Instagram account @TheArtOfShade_, we’ve compiled Fiorina’s most shade-tastic moments. Without further adieu, here are the shadiest moments of Carly Fiorina’s failed 2016 presidential run. We look forward to seeing what she comes up to as she strives for vice president.


Here, she plays on Hillary’s reputation for being, shall we say, a hands-off spouse. Ouch.

The shade is real 😎😂😂 . . #carlyfiorina #hillaryclinton #republican #republicandebate

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In this clip, Carly practically whip-and-nae-naes her way out of Marco Rubio’s grip when he tries to sleazily grab her waist. She seals the deal with a clutch side eye.

😂😂 . . #carlyfiorina #democrat #demdebate #debate #feelthebern #republican #president2016 #presidentialelection

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I LIVE for Carly’s shade 😂😂 . #carlyfiorina

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Never mention a controlled dangerous substance without also throwing your opponent under the bus.


The devilish red collar makes these remarks extra evil.

The shade. I liveee. #carlyfiorina #gopdebate #hillaryclinton (Credit: Fox News insider)

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Carly Fiorina is probably never going to be president or veep, and if you’re a fan of birth control and abortion rights, that’s a good thing. But can someone at least get the gal a talk show?

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