Instagram’s Shade Genius on How to Be as Petty As a Pop Diva

While other funny Instagram accounts are posting the same tired memes about pizza and contouring, @TheArtofShade_ will feed your soul like a repeat screening of “Mean Girls.”

This is an Insta feed like no other, with clips of shady divas (and dudes) stretching all the way back from the 1930s to today. The best clips seem to be from the 90s, when divas like Mariah Carey were duking it out in MTV interviews, but every entry on @TheArtofShade_ will feed your soul and make you want to shade the next person who gets in your way.

We caught up with the account’s owner to ask some questions about the actual art of shade and where he finds all these amazing examples. Read on for the Q&A.

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How do you find all these clips?! Are they all online or do you have a magnificent VHS collection or what?

No, I wish I had a great magnificent VHS collection though, that would be awesome! But it just happens that shade is all over if you really think about it: TV, movies, magazines. Whatever I happen to come across, that’s my resource.

Your shade videos are dominated by pop divas. Is this because they are the shadiest people? Or because you enjoy their shade the most?

I think pop divas and drag queens are the shadiest. There’s something about their delivery that is always on point when it comes to shade — it’s done so effortlessly.

#nicolerichie helping her friend set up an online dating profile 😂

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Are straight men capable of shade, or are they too lacking in nuance?

Anyone who is smart, witty, and quick is capable of throwing shade. You either have it or you don’t.

What’s the difference between shade, a diss, and a straight up insult?

Shade is an insult in disguise, it requires subtlety and creativity. A straight up insult is an insult without a filter. It’s intended to offend the person! A diss is just having no respect, which doesn’t take much for some.

The advice #eltonjohn had for #madonna 😂😁😁 (credit: abcnews)

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What characteristics does a statement or action need to have in order to be considered shade?

The statement needs to have truth to it, should be done very subtly without the person knowing it’s an insult, and you should always make sure to end it with a smile.

Is it always bad to be shaded? Or is it possible for shade to be an honor if it’s coming from the right person?

Depends on who’s the person throwing the shade. Not all shade is considered bad, sometimes you just have to laugh and not take everything so personal.

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What’s the proper response to someone shading you?

Tatianna from Rupaul’s Drag Race said, “If you’re always the first to throw shade, you should probably be the first to go hide in it.”

If you could get shaded by anyone on the planet who would it be?

Mariah Carey! I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s the queen of shade.

Mariah Carey on what’s wrong with today’s pop singers. (credit: arianacopyingmariah) #mariahcarey #arianagrande

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What’s your favorite Art of Shade post so far and why?

Hmm, hard one… I have so many favorite ones. But, I do live for Mariah’s shade. Whenever she shades, she gives people something to laugh about. Her shade always becomes a memorable moment.

Do you find yourself spotting shade out in the wild more now that you’ve created an Instagram account dedicated to it?

Oh, definitely. I’m always on the look out for new and vintage shade clips that I can include in my IG page. I try to show my followers a little bit of everything and they seem to really like it and I’m happy for the great response.

😂#selenagomez vs #kanyewest (Credit: Entertainment Tonight)

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What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever witnessed IRL?

Nothing too major, but a friend of mine who happens to be a fitness trainer went with me to check out this clothing store, and after being greeted by the sales lady, she walked over to my friend and pointed to an area in the store and said, “the plus size is over there.”

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