Why You Shouldn’t Care If Your BF Likes Other Girls’ Instagram Pics

The “following” tab on Instagram is a dark place.

First off, looking at it means you were bored enough to wonder what the people you’re following are liking on Instagram. Second, it means that you’re probably not getting enough of your own likes to entertain yourself. Third, sometimes you’re innocently checking out what type of posts Drake likes on Instagram when you realize that the stripper in a monokini wasn’t one of Drake’s likes, it was one of your boyfriend’s.

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Should you get upset? Like damn, after seeing that chick’s perfectly augmented tits and tiny waistline, not to mention her red bottoms, you’re feeling pretty jealous and insecure about yourself. How did your boyfriend find her Instagram anyway? How many girls like that does he follow? Questions like these swarm through your mind and start making you envious and angry all at the same time. But, instead of unleashing on your clueless boyfriend about his overzealous Insta-fingers, have a glass of wine and chill the fuck out.

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It’s Just Instagram

At worst, your boyfriend stared at some chick’s bikini pic on Instagram for a good 30 seconds, maybe he even screenshotted it and sent it to his bro group chat to share the glorious photo with his equally boob-loving friends. But, it’s way more likely that he scrolled through that picture within two seconds and absentmindedly hit “like” much like he does on every single photo on his feed.

That’s right, he probably looked at her selfie for under two seconds. He didn’t DM her, he didn’t ask her out, he wasn’t one of those creepy commenters asking her to “take ur top off,” and he certainly didn’t hook up with her. Jealousy is a disease that we all are infected with at times, but just remember that no matter whose photo he likes, even if it’s a little voyeuristic and creepy of him, you’re the one that he loves and is spending time with IRL.

Maybe back in 2011, when Instagram was still new territory, it was okay to question your guy about who he was following and liking. Those were the days when everyone was getting 10 likes and people were “selective” with their Instagram use. Today, everyone and their mother — literally — is on Instagram. Some people just scroll through their newsfeed and like everything that shows up without analyzing if that one photo of Becky sticking her ass out deserves a “like” or not. If you think a guy “liking” your photo means that he wants to date you, you need to take a chill pill. The same goes for when your guy likes another girl’s photo. It’s just social media and the double-tap of a finger, if your guy isn’t putting any more effort than that into a chick, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t worry.

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You Do It Too 

Don’t try to tell me that you don’t follow any fitness bros on Instagram, or at least that DILFs of Disneyland account and/or Justin Bieber. We’re human, and we all like to see pretty, sexy people. Does you liking Justin Bieber’s photo mean that you want to hook up with him? Maybe. Does it mean you’re going to? Probably not. It’s okay to appreciate someone who’s sexy and maybe even lust after them, but that’s where loyalty comes in. If you trust your man, you should have nothing to worry about.

On a more realistic scale, you’re still probably following most of your guy friends on Instagram. While most of them aren’t taking the seductive selfies that girls are, you’re still probably liking their pics from time to time. Does your boyfriend get jealous of the guy who constantly comments “hawt” on your posts? Probably. Does he get pissed at you? Hopefully not. It’s easy to get caught up in social media, but it’s easier to just let it go and focus on what’s really important. If you want to bring up your concerns to your dude, do it, but first consider your behavior on social media and if it’s really any different.

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Reconsider Who Your Enemy Is

It constantly happens with cheaters that girls make the other woman the enemy, rather than they’re lying dude. Take for example the witch-hunt for Becky rather than Jay Z after Lemonade came out.

When your man likes one of your classmate’s Instagram photos, you may start hating her and talking shit about her obviously edited pics. It might make you feel better for a few minutes, but if you’re still feeling so upset about your boyfriend liking other girls photos, the real problem is with him.

Take a step back and look at what else you’re upset (or suspicious) about. Does he constantly turn his phone off when he goes out with his boys? Has he cheated on you previously? Have you seen him sending DMs before? If the answer is yes, then obviously you should worry, and potentially ditch that fuckboy. It’s tough trusting men these days when it seems that everyone has a side chick. But if your dude really does have a mistress, he’s going to be doing a lot more than simply liking her photo.

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