Tons of Guys Are Down To Start a Relationship From a One Night Stand

The whole “dating structure” has really shifted in the last couple of years, but our mindsets still haven’t.

So many women still wonder if hooking up on a first date will ruin their chances of turning their one night stand into something more. But this actually isn’t the case.

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In fact, the annual Match Singles in America survey found that men are 3x more likely to use a one night stand as a way to start a relationship.

Sure, it’s kind of weird to see a guy naked before you even fully comprehend what he does for a living, but that doesn’t mean a relationship can’t come out of it. After all, it means you already got the awkward part out of the way.

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You may not like it, but it’s kind of how dating is shifting, particularly with college students. In American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus, by Lisa Wade, she found that most students slept with a partner before going on a real date with them. Millennials also fall into this category, and the same Match survey found that they are 48% more likely to go all the way before a first date.

Obviously, if you’re not into sleeping with a guy you hardly know, you don’t have to. But if you wanna get it in on the first date, don’t hold yourself back because you worry about a guy “losing respect for you.” If a guy has to use some BS respect-centric excuse for not hitting you up again, it simply means that he’s an a-hole.

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