#ManCrushMonday: This British Trainer Explains Why Confident Girls Are Hot

Mondays suck, we know. No matter how much sleep you get, how much coffee you drink, or how great your job is; the first day of the week is always the hardest. What can we do to make your Mondays a wee bit better? Sure, we could show up at your door with cupcakes, send you a thousand dollars, or show you a picture of your ex looking like a dumb-a**. But instead, we’re bringing you a sexy boy to make your Monday a little steamier. Ladies, say hello to Myles Leask from BMA Model Agency!


How did you get into personal training?

I was an ex rugby player, so when I stopped playing it seemed logical to stay in the fitness industry. I also just enjoy it a lot, every client is different and it’s basically getting paid to hang out with your friends because when you pick your clients well the job is a breeze.

What are five things that every person trying to get fit needs to know?

1. Drink more water. Trust me, you’re not drinking enough.

2. Be consistent with whatever routine or approach you take, it wont work unless you do.

3. If you don’t enjoy something, don’t do it. Find a way of training or a diet that you enjoy so it’s easy to stick with.

4. It’s easier with a friend. Having a training partner makes it harder for you to cancel as people find it easier to commit to others than themselves

5. Train with me, it’s fun!

What do you do when you need some extra motivation?

To be honest, I don’t really get demotivated because I keep in mind that all the other fitness models will be working their asses off day and night, so I have to as well.

We saw that you treated yourself to a new Louis Vuitton duffle recently, what other things do you tend to splurge on?

Yeah, everyone needs to treat themselves…right?! I spend a lot of money on clothes and I love nice watches.

Do you like a girl who knows her designer products?

It doesn’t really bother me if a girl shops at Primark or Prada as long as she’s nice and down to earth, no one wants someone that is obsessed with designer products.

What’s the sexiest thing a chick can wear?

I think the sexiest thing a chick can wear is confidence because you can always tell the girls that are absolutely owning what they wear, be it a beautiful dress or a pair of sweats and a tank. If you’re confident and happy in yourself, it shows.


What’s your favorite travel destination?

Well I just got back from Mexico and it was unreal so for now ill say there, but I’m also in love with Milan. It’s such a beautiful city with so much history and the food is to die for.

What’s something a chick can do that will instantly make you attracted to her?

Probably play hard to get. If a girl falls at your feet, it’s no fun. What can i say? I like to work for it.

What do you think of girls who make the first move?

Completely depends what that move is, but I’m certainly not against it as long as they have a decent talk with me first.

What’s the worst thing a chick could say to you?

Probably judge me because of my job, I hate it when people put labels on me.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Oh god, the list is long and far too naughty for me to say on here…but I have after a night out ran completely naked through my hometown for a bet.

What’s something that most people probably don’t know about you?

I am a complete and utter momma’s boy. I absolutely love her to bits and can’t show her enough.

Must see spot in London?

Ah theres so many, but for a great day out I’d say the museums.

Favorite place to get a cheat meal?

Now thats a good question, I recently completed a burger challenge at Stay Diner that was absolutely unreal, so lets go with that.

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