NYFW F/W 23 RECAP – Luis De Javier

Luis De Javier

Of all exclusive New York Fashion Week events, the Luis De Javier runway show was the one to be at. Upon arrival there was a mob in front of a former church which now serves as a foundation. There were tall gates followed by steep steps before arriving to the entry. Rather than a cohesive line, there was a huge mob at the gates, waiting to enter and be ordained by the sexy, latex, dominatrix styled show.

The bouncer was hand picking guests for entry based on clout and appearance. Of course, I have already shared with the Galore audience that this season was my season to take space, I had a seat at the table (or in this case I had a seating assignment for the show) and I wasn’t going to let influencer status be the determinant gate keeping.

“I am here for press, I work with Galore Mag,” I shared with the bouncer.

“We will get to you,” he stated. The literal definition of gate keeping. He stood at the gates of the church denying entry to anyone he didn’t like.

“How are you gonna deny me entry in my city,” my best friend, and TikTok influencer Adelina aka yunggmamii said. One of the bouncers laughed with us.

Moments later I head a male voice behind me.

“Hi, we are with Galore, can you grant us entry?”

Before looking at the face to the voice I immediately clapped back. “No you’re not.” knowing full and well that Galore is a very small and tight-nit community, with me being the only contributor based in NYC.

Shirley, is that you,” he responded. “It’s me, Jacob Dekat.” We both broke into laughter at the absurdity of my claim. Jacob is one of Galore’s founders. I mean clearly I was tense about the bouncer. I thought someone was trying to use Galore for entry and I was ready to shut it downnnnn. Eventually the bouncer folded and allowed us inside where we were all ushered to our assigned seats. I had no idea that what I was about to witness was worth all the gate keeping headache. What we saw was awe provoking.

From the Italian-American actress and model Julia Fox, to the American multi-instrumentalist Eartheater and the American male model Alton Mason (the first black male model to have walked for Chanel), we were in for a big twisted treat.

Alton Mason kicked off the runway by starting center stage in the church for Luis De Javier during New York Fashion Week. Dressed in all white, I truly felt graced by his presence and baptized by high fashion. Julia Fox had horns jutting out of her cleavage when she rocked the runway. It was wicked, it was iconic, it was denim horns on boobies. Eartheater really changed the pace of the show. Her movements were captivating. It seemed the room took a pause for a moment. The lights dimmed and Eartheater folded and swayed and took us on a spiritual journey of sensuality.

Here are some images taken by me to highlight some of those captivating, awe inspiring moments caught on the runway for Luis De Javier.

To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_

To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_

To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_


Photographer: Shirley Reynozo @dtba_

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