“La Hora de Perrear” by La Goony Chonga is the Neoperreo You Need

Kasey Avalos, known professionally as La Goony Chonga, is a Cuban-American rapper in both English and in Spanish. Her music has been described as Reggaeton, Latin trap, neoperreo, and hip hop. She is heavily influenced by Ivy Queen, “When you think of reggaeton artists–women–you think of her.” La Goony Chonga shared.

Her latest project “La Hora de Perrear” takes us on an urban journey. Her work is never and always organic. In this project we see how La Goony Chonga stays true to herself as a key way to engage her audience.

We had the chance to interview La Goony Chonga on her influences, her creative process, her latest album “La Hora de Perrear” and fashion sensibilities. For more, read the full feature interview below!


For those of us who don’t know you, tell us about yourself. What is the story behind your name, La Goony Chonga?

I had made a song called Goony Chonga Barbie & then decided I wanted to make it my name but without the barbiie part. Chonga is true to who I am and who I have always been growing up in Miami as a Cuban-American. Chonga is the brand & the lifestyle. Goony is me & my fans aka my “gooniez”

You synthesize multiple genres such as Reggaeton, Latin trap, neoperreo, and hip hop. Apart from synthesizing these different genres, how do you feel you set yourself apart from other artists? 

I’m big on engaging with my supporters and am continuously evolving my sound while still staying true to who I am.

You just released your latest album “La Hora de Perrear”. What is your song writing process? What are some of your favorite effects to add to your voice (i.e. reverb, distortion, delay)?

 I prefer to work one on one with my producers in the studio so we can bounce off each other’s ideas. I listen to beats and if a beat brings something outta me I will get on it. I like to freestyle melodies in the booth and come up with catchy phrases.  If the beat doesn’t make me come up with something I move on from it. It can never feel forced. 

If you could work on a project with one of your favorite artists, who would it be?

 El Alfa or Plan B.

How is your creativity disrupting culture and pushing boundaries?

I don’t necessarily make music to disrupt the culture. I just love making music and being creative & if that just so happens to push boundaries then that’s cool. If anything I just love to see how I could  inspire others.

What are your favorite fashion trends of all time?

Chinese slippers, denim on denim, and low rise jeans are some that are timeless.

What are your least favorite fashion trends? 

Crocs, even tho I just bought my first pair solely cause they are Lisa Frank collab

If you could only choose one social media platform, which one would it be and why? 

Twitter cause you get a lil bit of everything in one place.

What are some beauty tips for our Galore audience?

Make sure your lip gloss is glossin and your lip liner on point no matter what. Keep it on you along with your abanico cause it will help keep your face /makeup from getting all sweaty at the perreo.


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