Channing Tatum Reveals How Many Women He Used To Bang As a Stripper

Before Channing Tatum was an actor who starred in movies about stripping for a living, he was a stripper who stripped for a living. 

While he’s been pretty forthcoming about his past, there’s one question that’s never been addressed before: how many women got to walk out of the strip club at the end of the night with Tatum on their arm, whispering, “My place or yours, baby?”

Thanks to 21-year-old journalist Carly Fleischmann, the world’s first autistic and non-verbal talk-show host, we finally have our answer.

Carly recently sat down with Tatum, with whom she communicated via keyboard and electronic speaker, to ask him a handful of refreshingly candid questions for her new “Speechless” web series, like whether he’s found it challenging to be good looking and which one of his actor friends he would forbid his three-year-old daughter from dating. 

And then she asked him the only question that mattered.

“Now I don’t want to appear to look shallow but in reality, I am. LOL, so I have to ask this question,” Carly began. “I know you were a stripper growing up. How many girls at the end of your night would you take home.”

At a loss for words Tatum replied, “How many? At the end of one night?” before admitting that “some nights was more than others.” 

Those lucky bitches.

Although to be honest, Channing Tatum looks a whole lot better now than he did when he was a stripper.


Still he was a little baby angel in a g string and all those women were lucky to have him.

We’re just hating because we’re jealous.

For more, watch Carly’s super LOL interview with Channing Tatum below.

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