New Study Sheds Light On Idiotic Things Guys Say About You in Group Chats

Guys talk about dating apps in their group chats way more than women do, according to a research study done by Blend, a new dating app.

But don’t get too excited that your most recent Tinder match is telling his friends you’re the one via WhatsApp — in addition to guys talking about dating apps more, they also talk about sex way more.

The data showed that men are the ones talking about dating apps 79% of the time, whereas women are only talking about them 21% of the time, reports Maxim.

As much as dudes may want to act like they’ve got “swag” and bitches ain’t shit, we now know that they’re stressing (or celebrating) about their latest Tinder match just as much as the next person, if not more.

Because these are men that we’re talking about, we know that they’re probably not talking about their latest Bumble match who might be “the one.” More likely, they’re bragging to their group chat entitled “Deez Nuts” about the “10” that they just messaged on Tinder who actually agreed to send nudes this time.

In fact, 92% of the time that the word “bang” was used, it was by a dude. Bros took the cake as the ones saying “bone” 96% of the time, and “DTF” 88% of the time. Sick. Now every time you match with a guy on Hinge, instead of envisioning your romantic future together, you can fantasize about what juvenile language he’s using to describe your “fat ass” to his boys. If you’re special, he’ll probably screen shot a few pics to prove to his frat bros that he really matched with a hot girl this time.

Unfortunately, we all know that half the guys that you match with you don’t even end up messaging back after two days, so half of these guys who are “bragging” probably never get to seal the deal. Maybe next time they can come up with a better line than “send nudes?” Or, maybe the reason they’re texting about dating apps so much in their group chats is so they can get tips on how to actually get laid this time around?

Next time you meet a guy’s friend and are honored that they’ve “heard all about you,” just remember that all the things they’ve heard about you probably surrounded the words “bang” or “DTF.” Aren’t dating apps fun?

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