You Can Pay This Website to Find Out if Your BF Is Secretly on Tinder

A new website promises to tell you if your partner is secretly using Tinder for the low, low price of $5 and your sanity.

The website, called Swipebuster, works by analyzing the data of Tinder users in whatever geographical area you choose. All you have to do is input bae’s name, age, and city, and you’ll get a list of people whose info matches up. Translation: you’ll be free to breathlessly scour the thousands of 25-year-old New York City Justins that turn up, in hopes of locating your boyfriend’s account.

Either way, you will be $5 poorer and definitely not any more sane than when you started.

Vanity Fair tested it out and confirmed that the service really does work. So if you don’t trust your boyfriend, I guess this is an option for you? It seems slightly less invasive than breaking into his phone while he’s in the shower, so there’s that.

If you do find your guy on Swipebuster, you can rest assured that he’s an active Tinder user and do what you wish with that information. If you don’t find him, though, and you still suspect him of cheating, it probably won’t make you feel any better — he could still be using Bumble or one of the other 9 million dating apps on offer these days. Maybe he’s an old-fashioned type who’d rather stick to banging his coworker IRL. Basically, if you truly don’t trust him, you’re back at square one.

Of course, there’s another possible use for Swipebuster. Maybe you’ve been on a few dates with a guy, you’re really into him, and you’re dying to know if he’s still using Tinder or not — but it still doesn’t feel right to have the exclusivity talk yet. So you might be tempted to put his deets into Swipebuster and see where you stand.

But what happens if he is on Tinder? Are you going to stop talking to him? Probably not. Are you going to take it personally, as a signal that he doesn’t actually like you that much? That’s pretty unfair to both of you. If you guys haven’t talked about what your rules are surrounding Tinder yet, then there are no rules.

We’re not trying to be pessimists here. It’s just that talking to your partner in a direct and honest way is a healthier option. Think about it. If you really feel a need to snoop — or pay a website $5 to snoop for you — your relationship probably isn’t in a great place to begin with, and spying is not the way to fix that.

So if you find yourself tempted to enter your boo’s info on Swipebuster, consider having a conversation instead. It might be time to get back on that Tinder train and keep swiping until you find someone you can trust.

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