Actually Justin Bieber Will Let You Take Pics if You Buy Him a Shot First

Two days ago, Justin Bieber announced on Instagram that he was done letting fans take pictures of him since it makes him feel like a “zoo animal,” but apparently he is willing to make an exception — if you buy him a shot first.

According to TMZ, Bieber spent Wednesday night bar hopping in Boston, being totally chill about his new policy. 

When he wasn’t putting on his shoes to dance on top of the bar and take tequila shots, he was busy cheesing for fan pictures like it was the most normal thing in the world to do.

Although TBH, it’s a completely different thing to let a group of chill adults you’re partying with take a picture of you then to have random crazies with rabid looks on their faces swarm you out of nowhere to try and get a picture of you in your natural element.

No news yet on whether or not anybody got Bieber to take a selfie with them or not, but it’s still good to know that the Biebs is being a little more lax than his Instagram posts suggested.


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