This R&B Hottie Admits Being a “Bad Texter” Is Bullshit

If you ever call a dude out on the fact that he takes ten hours to respond to your messages (or never responds at all), more power to you. But instead of getting a legit excuse or a sincere apology, guys will brush it off and say “sorry, I’m just not a big texter” or “I’m a bad texter.”

I’m sorry, there’s so such thing as being a “good” or “bad” texter. Like sure, some people can text fast, or with their eyes closed, but nobody is really “good” at it. Everybody is a shitty texter if they’re texting someone they DGAF about, and everybody is a good texter when they’re texting a new bae who they’re obsessed with. That’s life.

We talked dating and ghosting with Kalin White and although he initially said he was a “bad texter,” we got him to admit that he’s a great texter when he’s texting a girl he’s really feeling.

How can a girl tell if the dude hitting on them is a fuckboy?

If he’s grabbing them and dancing on them without asking, being too aggressive.

How do you hit on girls in the club?

I might touch their shoulder, get their attention, and maybe ask for a dance. I don’t know, maybe like do a random little bump and be like “oh my bad, oh what’s your name?” I’m more of the nice guy approach, the respectable approach rather.

What’s your go-to club attire?

Definitely gotta have a hat, sometimes I be in the corner just chilling to myself. I would say all black, some low-top vans or some new J’s. Maybe some distressed black jeans, yeah all black

Do girls try to take your hat as a way of flirting with you ever?

Nah… yeah they do actually. They try to put it on. It’s not my favorite thing because when you wear hats for a long time you have hat hair and it’s like “aw man, now she’s gonna see what I really look like.”

Have you ever dated a girl that you met in the club before?

Nooo, that’ s a no-no.

Where do you think are better places to meet people?

I’ve been going to the gym recently and I think girls that like to take care of themselves and their workout is pretty attractive. So I think the gym is cool. The grocery store.

The grocery store is a good spot for sure, low key the best spot.

Low key.

Have you ever ghosted somebody before?

Ghosted? Definition please?

It’s like when you’re talking to someone and you just kind of drop off without saying anything, instead of saying “it’s not going to work out,” you just peace. 

Ohhh, yeah I would say that I have ghosted on some girls before. But I think sometimes it’s unintentional just because I’m a really bad texter. And then next time I see them I’ll be like “yo, what’s up, how you been?” and she’ll give me the cold shoulder cuz I didn’t hit her back. But not to any girl I’ve ever been dating. I’m pretty upfront.

You say that you’re a bad texter, but do you find that you’re a good texter when it’s a girl you’re really into?

[Laughing] Yeah… For sure. I might too much when I’m feeling a girl. I’ll be like chilling by my phone like, “it’s been two minutes, what’s taking her so long?”

I feel like girls don’t realize that guys think about that shit too.

Yeah it’s definitely a thing on both sides. I mean, I’ll be with my friend, one of my best friends who’s the biggest emotional guy ever when it comes to girls and stuff. It’s funny.

What are some of the things he’s worries about?

If a girl doesn’t text him back he’s cool with it, but if he sees her on Snapchat or something that gets him very mad. And then he’ll text her like “oh I see you on Instagram and Snapchat but you don’t reply?” I can’t text a girl like that, but he’s pretty confident in that.

To go back to the ghosting thing, there’s a new thing called haunting and it’s when you ghost somebody but hit them up months later, what do you think about that?

Did you call it haunting? that’s amazing, I’ve never heard these terms. Yeah, I’ve done that. Just like she’s popped up on my timeline and I’ll be like, “I wonder how she’s doing” so I’ll go to text her and then the last text seen was like a couple months ago for sure, and then of course she’ll be short with me.

What do you think is the biggest dating mistake that people make in LA?

Great question. Um… I think the biggest dating mistake is trying to do it for the gram. I seen a lot of people trying to post pics just because it’s “goals” or other things that they see online. Personally, if I’m investing my time into somebody, it’s not for no reason, it’s because I really like them. So it’s not for online, it’s because I really care about that person.

Going back to your music video, it was filmed in the club, so what’s that really like filming a party scene?

It was cool. We actually had some drinks on set if people wanted to drink a little bit. It’s a cool vibe cuz people can actually like–some people that come in don’t know each other so they can get to know each other and exchange contacts. The only thing that probably gets a little repetitive for them is having to go over the scene a couple times, so having to keep that energy up, but yeah.

What’s your favorite place to go out in LA?

I would say I really like Warwick. I think Warwick is a pretty cool club to go to, and Hyde as well.

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