18 Thoughts You Have When He Hits On You At The Gym

The older you get, the harder it is to meet eligible bachelors. Bars and clubs lead you to drunk creeps, work leads you to an awkward break-up, and dating apps lead you to uncharted territory and possible psychos. One of the places where you seem to find the most hotties is the gym. Unfortunately, it’s the one place where guys aren’t looking to hit on chicks because they’re actually focusing on working out, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The good looking guys are, in fact, working on their biceps. But the creepy dudes who don’t even look like they lift? They don’t mind taking a break from the elliptical to hit on you. And out of all the places you get hit on, it might be the most annoying place…

Photo Credit David Hauserman

1. I guess these squats must be working.

2. But like…I didn’t want them to work on you.

3. I was thinking more like that guy doing the bench press on the other side of the gym…

4. Maybe I can pretend that my headphones are so loud that I don’t hear him?

5. He’s really disrupting my interval workouts, if I stop the clock I’m going to have to start over!

6. Why out of all the attractive guys here I end up getting hit on by the one who looks like Donald Trump?

7. Maybe if he had Donald Trump’s bank account…but I’m pretty sure if he did he’d be working out at Equinox, not here.

8. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to approach someone why she’s on the stair-master?! Like you’re literally talking to my ass…or I guess maybe that’s your point.

9. No…no, don’t get on the treadmill next to me, any treadmill but that one.

10. I’m still really confused why you’re hitting on me when I’m sweating bullets, no make-up, and wearing a Cancun spring break t-shirt?

11. I think I have to change my entire gym schedule to avoid this dude from here on out…

12. Maybe move gyms? I heard that one place offers free tanning

13. I’m sure you’re a personal trainer and all, but I don’t need your advice, and I certainly don’t need you to try to position me on the squat rack.

14. Next time I skip the gym, I’m blaming you, because I’m trying to avoid you.

15. Maybe if I skip the gym enough you’ll stop hitting on me…

16. How many girls have you tried this line on? Somehow I doubt you’re really trying to work between my sets on the hip abductor machine…

17. Why would you ever think it was a good idea to approach me while wearing a shirt that says ‘welcome to the gun show’? To be honest I don’t even see any guns…

18. I think it’s time to ditch the Lululemon and don a full sweatsuit to the gym.

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