7 Times You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Ghosting a Guy

Ever since the term “ghosting” became trendier than Netflix and Chill or “bae,” some very thought-provoking questions have come up. When is it okay to ghost? Which gender ghosts the most? Is it really ghosting if you guys were never official?

Some dudes have argued that girls are the ones who originally created “ghosting,” and they might not be wrong. Dudes are so bad at taking rejection that it’s often easier to slowly fade away from a dude who just won’t take a hint. Girls have to ghost from time to time out of necessity.

In a perfect world, we’d all be super in touch with our emotions and we’d all explicitly tell our romantic partners (or creepers) why we’re dipping out. But in the real world, sometimes it’s easier and more effective to simply stop answering texts, calls, Snapchats, etc. because at one hint of interest, some guys think that you want them balls deep inside of you.

1. When He Keeps Asking For Nudes

While some of us may think that grown dudes have seen enough titties in their day (at least from their porn addiction), they clearly haven’t. In fact, some guys seem to continue to rely on their eighth-grade pick up technique of asking girls for pics constantly, and claiming that they “just wanted to see your face” when you start telling them off. If he can’t have a conversation without begging for a booty pic, it’s time to sever all ties.

2. When He Starts To Threaten You

A relationship doesn’t have to be physical to be abusive. If a guy you’ve been seeing starts threatening you in any way, you should absolutely block him out of your life and potentially contact the police if the threats start getting serious. Even if you’re not in a serious relationship with a guy and he starts subtly threatening you, whether in the form of nude pic blackmail or what, you should take that as your cue to make like Casper and GTFO.

3. When He Fucks Your Friend

The cutest thing about guys is when they think they can royally fuck up, buy you a cheap box of chocolates, text you a “heartfelt” apology, and go right back to being your boo. Don’t let that shit fly. In fact, don’t even waste your breath on a scumbag or a cheater. When he messages you a bullshit apology about how he “never wanted to hurt you,” it can be tempting to quip back with a sharp-tongued response about his tiny dick and his lack of heart. Instead, don’t respond at all. There’s no reason for you to get worked up about a guy who doesn’t deserve your time, and telling him how pissed you are will only bolster his ego. Ignoring him will drive him crazy.

4. When He Pressures You

If a dude is pressuring you to do anything that you don’t want to do, sexual or not, he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about you and your well being. Don’t get duped into thinking that he’ll be more into you after you suck his dick or smoke weed with him, because he’s not going to be. If he doesn’t accept your choice to not do whatever he wants you to do for him, take that as a sign to say “boo” and “bye.”

5. When He Won’t Take The Hint

In movies like The Notebook, it’s romantic when a guy won’t back down from the girl of his dreams. In reality, it’s fucking annoying and creepy. We’ve all dealt with a guy who won’t take no as an answer and continues creeping on you after you’ve told him you’re not interested. It’s not your job to entertain his fantasies which are clearly delusional. Unless he respects the fact that you’re not into his romantic/sexual advances, you should feel free to start ignoring his messages and hope he finds another chick to set his sights on.

6. When He Talks Shit

As much as they may deny it, every dude wants to look chill in front of his bros, and sometimes in front of other girls too. If you catch wind of your man telling his friends how you’re “just a slam piece” or telling other girls how you’re crazy but he can’t get out of the relationship, say goodbye and don’t look back. If you want to clarify that the rumor you heard was true, go ahead, but why would you stand beside a guy who isn’t proud of his sexy ass girlfriend?

7. When You Can’t Help Yourself

Sometimes relationships get to the point where you both know that you need to be away from each other, but neither of you is strong enough to cut the cord. If you and your ex are toxic together, but you keep getting drunk and ending up at his place, it’s best to sever all contact from him. Depending on the dude you’re dealing with, you can send him a message and explain that you’re going MIA on his ass, or you can just ghost him right away. Sure, you might be hurting his feelings, but sometimes you have to be selfish to do what’s right for you.

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