Up Your Selfie Game With A BelfieStick

Because the word “selfie” was overly used, abused, and played at every club in 2015 (and I think even added to the dictionary?) We have now started labeling the types of selfies we are taking. Enter: the belfie, aka the butt selfie. Have you ever tried taking one? If you haven’t try right f***ing now. Unless you’re Kim K or J.Lo, asses really aren’t the prettiest thing in the world, first off. Second off, you gotta get that thang at a perfect angle so that you’re more Iggy Azalea and less Taylor Swift. Anyways, if you’ve followed my advice and tried taking a “belfie” yourself, you will see where the problem lies.


However, if your man is all about that bass and happens to love a little mid-afternoon sext (tips on sexting here), never fear! You just need to pre-order a Belfiestick. The company claims that:

“With our bendable stick, you can position your back side without the need of a mirror and shoot the exact angle you are looking for. Bend in ways you never thought possible with our patent-pending design!”


While this is just another example of the ridiculous products that are created… we can’t help but wondering if this is just the thing we need to take the perfect belfie. After all, doing the same pose every time probably has our fans wondering. We’re going to try to get our hands on one, stay tuned!


Meanwhile, we take an ode to these ladies that killed the belfie game without the wondrous technology of the belfie stick:

1. Kim Kardashian


Does this really even need to be said?

2. Jen Selter


if we had an ass like that, we wouldn’t need a belfiestick.

3. Aubrey O’Day


Show stopper is right…

4. Nicki Minaj


If only she had a phone in her hand for the “Anaconda” cover art.

5. Miley Cyrus


Fake it till you make it, am I right?

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