Quantico’s Lenny Platt Wanted to Be an FBI Agent — Now He Plays One on TV

What does Galore love more than a tall, dark, and handsome dude who agrees that women run the world? Probably nothing.

Meet Lenny Platt, who acts on the ABC hit series “Quantico” alongside Galore darling Priyanka Chopra.

Born in Philadelphia, Lenny has acted in some of TV’s greatest shows including “How To Get Away With Murder,””Gotham,” and “Law & Order: SVU.” We spoke with Lenny about good first dates, working behind and in front of the camera, and what it’s really like to be in the TV industry.

You primarily have been known for acting, but you also do a bit of work behind the camera. How do you balance the two?

Coffee and lots of conference calls. Working on “Quantico” is an absolute joy, but also demanding in a lot of ways. It’s both long hours and physically draining. I’m lucky to be a part of the great team at BBQ Films who all work hand in hand to create these immersive experiences together.

In Quantico, you play an ex-NFL player. What’s your sport of choice in real life? What’s your favorite team?

I played football for eight years, right up until high school. That was always my favorite sport to play and watch. I grew up around Central and North Florida, so football rules down there. I’ve got lots of scars and lots of great memories. Favorite team is my alma mater, the University of Florida. Go Gators!

Tell us about the best first date you’ve ever been on?

It was seeing The 40-Year-Old Virgin in theaters for the first time. We both were in tears of laughter the whole time. It’s prime Steve Carrell/Seth Rogen, and I knew then that her sense of humor was just my speed.

You majored in criminology during college and now act on many shows that deal with murders and mysteries, do you ever apply what you’ve learned? 

Oh man. Yeah, I’ve been lucky that way. I actually considered the FBI as a career path freshman year of college. I even took forensics one year and our teacher was the inspiration for the character Gil Grissom in the original “CSI.”

My criminology background definitely informs shades of the characters I play. I took a lot of police and criminal psychology classes which has helped immensely. Lucky, I stayed awake for all those classes!

What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear?

Whatever makes her feel like a damn boss.

Who’s your celeb crush?

Larry David.

What’s acting on a TV show like schedule-wise? How long does it take to shoot one episode?

Roughly nine days to film an episode. It’s long days, usually 8-12 hours depending on the scenes that day. Four to five days a week. Priyanka [Chopra] works the most. She’s number one on the call sheet. It’s incredible to watch how many projects she can balance and still show up on point every day.

What do you think about girls making the first move?

Sure. They run the world anyway.

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