8 Football Players That Could Get in Our End Zone

When world cup season rolls around, it seems like every single site is publishing lists of the hottest guys on every team’s roster- and there are ALOT of sexy f***ing soccer players. However, we feel that football players get thrown under the bus. Unless it’s Tom Brady, or someone that one of the Kardashian’s has f***ed, you wouldn’t know which players are the one’s you want to scout out those couple times that you’re actually watching football. Luckily, we’ve made some highlights for you, and we’ve even took the liberty of noting which team he’s on and position he plays so you don’t sound like you only know him for his ass.

1. Tom Brady : New England Patriots : Quarterback


Hey Tom, wanna celebrate your future Super Bowl win with us?

2. Mychal Kendricks : Philadelphia Eagles : Linebacker


Do you prefer two hand touch, or full contact?

3. Rob Gronkowski : New England Patriots : Tight End


Tight end.. and looks like tight everything else too…

4. Reggie Bush : Detroit Lions : Running Back


Can we go for round two after you score?

5. Russel Wilson: Seattle Seahawks : Quarterback


Russel’s so sexy, we’d let him penetrate our defense any day.

6. Colin Kaepernick : San Francisco 49ers : Quarterback


Consider this your two minute warning Colin, before we pounce!

7. Kenny Vaccaro : New Orleans Saints : Safety


You don’t have to play safe with us babe 😉

8. Victor Cruz : New York Giants : Wide Receiver 


Are you an eligible receiver.. of my sexual advances?

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