PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Talks Music, Acting, Guess & Being Adored Globally

Bombshell actress Priyanka Chopra has recently made her transition into music and we’re so pleased she’s talking to us about in our new issue. She also discusses being an international star, what she most looks forward to after a day of work and her goals for this year.

Photography: Jakob Dekat

Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa


What is the biggest difference between Bollywood and Hollywood?

To me, making movies is the same whether you’re in Bollywood or Hollywood. However one difference is that Bollywood is the largest film producer in the world and churns out more than 1,000 movies each year. I typically make 4 movies in a year, compared to Hollywood, where making one film is the norm. Bollywood films are also best known for their music, dance, and love stories.

Did you find the transition from actress to musician an easy one?

It’s very different, and scary, actually. As an actor, your job is to literally become someone else. I’ve been acting for so long, so it’s become second nature for me. With music, particularly when you write music, you have to dig really deep inside of who YOU are and translate that onto a piece of paper and into a song. Making music is about feeling what you’re singing – it is an emotionally driven art and I think my album really reflects that. I’m quite moody, and the songs on my album definitely speak to a variety of my moods.

Now, after conquering both music and film, do you prefer one over the other?

I love them both, equally – movies are my heart, music is my soul.


look: all clothing GUESS

What made you want to collaborate with Will.I.Am on your debut track, “In My City”?

My collaboration with Will was the beginning of my musical journey. I recorded the track in London with my producer RedOne, and we really thought it needed male vocals. Will was the perfect fit – he’s a musical genius.

You’ve received tons of accolades from “Best Dressed Woman” in India to Maxim’s “Hottest Girl of the Year,” how does it feel to be so beloved by fans across the world?

It’s amazing and I owe all of my success to my fans.  When I won Miss World when I was 17 years old, and acting opportunities came my way, the plan was to give it a year and if it didn’t work out I would go to college to become an aerospace engineer. I wanted to work for NASA. Needless to say, the wind blew my way. I’m so blessed and grateful for this opportunity. I truly belong to my fans.

What do you want to get done in 2014?

I have the best job in the world and I hope to continue what I am doing in the new year. I’m most looking forward to the three movies I have coming out this year and for my album!


You do so much, what do you look forward to after a long day of work?

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Valentine day plans?

I’ll probably be working! I’m a workaholic.

You have gorgeous skin and hair, what are your beauty tips? 

My secret weapon is lip stain, and my favorite beauty/skin secret is yogurt! It’s the best skin cream you can find.

How did the Guess Jeans campaign come about?

Whenever I have been asked to give glam references for photo shoots, more often than not, I’ve referenced a Guess campaign. The women are so classically beautiful, iconic, and feminine. To be honest, being a Guess girl was something that I would have never thought of, but when I met Paul (we were introduced by my hair stylist Peter Savic), within three seconds he said to me: ‘You’re it. It has to be you.’ For a major American fashion brand to move their campaign into a global space, well, it’s quite an honor. 

Your favorite bombshell of all time? 

Claudia Schiffer!


Stylist: Kyle Blackmon

Make Up: Shyann Swisher

Hair Rosie: Lucia

Location: Shangri La Hotel

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