9 College Girls Share The Worst Place They’ve Run Into An Ex Hookup

The only thing worse than going through a breakup is going through a breakup and still going to the same school as your ex.

If you thought it was bad in high school, in college it just gets worse. Sure, running into an ex in class is bad, but what about running into an ex at the gym or during a walk of shame?

Naturally, you’ll probably run into your ex when you’re makeup-less at the gym rather than when you’re looking hot and headed to a formal, but isn’t that life?

1. Oh, Alright

“Once I was at our local college bar and my ex offered to walk me home. He started confessing his love for me and told me that he had apparently broken up with his current girlfriend. My drunken response was to cry, call my current boyfriend to pick me up, and run away.”

2. Family Threesome?

“I was hooking up with a guy and it started getting serious so he invited me to a family event. I had ‘fucked up’ that weekend and got with a random dude. I show up to the family event and the random dude was his cousin! I still ended up dating the kid for two years though so…”

3. He Better Tip You Well

“I made out with a kid last year, two weeks after he came to the restaurant that I work at with his girlfriend. I served them for over an hour, totally acted like I didn’t know him, but totally super awkward watching them.”

4. Been There

“I saw a guy that I used to hook up with and then accidentally threw my phone in a trash can right in front of him. Him and his friends all laughed as I dug through trash. On top of that, I was ordering three hot chocolates alone and had no makeup on. It was a very rough moment for me.”

5. How’s Your Six Pack Since The Breakup?

“Once my ex that I had a horrible breakup with and therefore hadn’t spoken to for months, showed up to the core/ab class that I had been going to all term. I had no make-up on and was completely unprepared to see him. We awkwardly waved to each other and then ignored each other the whole class while we had to do planks and sit-ups next to each other for the next 30 mins.”

6. Careless Whisper

“Whenever I go to a certain fraternity on my campus, someone comes up behind me and whispers the name of a guy I hooked up over a year ago in my ear. He has a girlfriend now, which makes it even more awkward.”

7. Blackmail Him

“I hooked up with a guy that I met during my summer orientation coming into college. We talked all summer and he drove all the way from PA to Long Island to visit me (he barely knew me, that should have been the warning sign). Obviously he added me on every social media. He basically was telling me he loved me and wanted to be my boyfriend. I ended up finding out while searching for him on Facebook that he had a girlfriend the whole time, even during the time that he visited me for two days. Now he is in a fraternity and every time I see him his girlfriend is there with him and he always looks at me terrified that I am gonna say something.”

8. You Should Say Hi!

“I hooked up with a guy and then saw him walking with his girlfriend to class the next day. It was very uncomfortable.”

9. Pee Pee Pants

“I fucked a fraternity guy who then peed in my bed. It’s awkward AF every time I see him cause he peed my fucking bed. The worst part was that when he left that morning he must’ve thought his shoes were downstairs, so when he left my room I thought he left, but after he left the first time I started taking the sheets and shit off cause my bed was soaked and I mean soaked, but then he walked back in my room as I was taking all of the shit off my bed. He just looked at me for a solid second and was like ‘uhh did I do that?’ It was the most horrifically awkward moment ever, I didn’t know what to say so I was like, ‘umm idk.'”

10. Two of My Bitches In The Club

“A guy I used to hook up with bartends at a bar on my campus. When I went out last Wednesday, not only was he bartending, but I was there with my current hook-up. On top of that, another guy I had fucked a couple months ago walked in about an hour later. The bartender is trying to avoid me so hard, except he can’t because my current hook-up is ordering drinks from him (he doesn’t know that we used to hook up). The other guy is dancing with some chick right next to me while I’m dancing with my current dude, of course we eventually make eye contact so I just wave and give him a thumbs up. He awkwardly smiled back and disappeared shortly after. Keep in mind this was a Wednesday night.”

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