Here’s One More Reason For You To Dislike Frat Boys

The fact that anyone still finds one of the many sexually incriminating or vulgar pranks played by the generalized ‘douchebags’ of the Greek community as a shock, is even more surprising to me than the actually prank itself. When you were younger, you probably watched movies with 25-year-olds playing high schoolers (*cough* Chad Michael Murray) only to realize that these films were nothing close to an accurate representation of what your experience would be. However, the one thing accurate about all those many American Pie-esque college films; frat boys are (can be, if I must be generous) disgusting. That’s why this recent uproar about suggestive signage casually draped over the balconies of a Fraternity house, welcoming young freshman girls into Old Dominion University, is not particularly a groundbreaking disturbance.


The University essentially refuses to disclose which specific fraternity members were responsible for this gross welcoming committee and the fraternity declined any response at all. Typical behavior for frat boys, thinking they’d be humorous and endearing for parents dropping off their innocent underclassman and then hiding with their tails between their legs when called out. The University disclosed, “In addition, the University ensures all students receive education on the prevention of sexual harassment and relationship violence.” However, do we ever see actual moves towards prevention of rape culture in universities, specifically in the Greek community?

I didn’t go to a “normal” college and never had to deal with the awful subjection to frat parties and all the individuals that go along with that, but I have many close friends who did. One of my best friends was once asked a favor by a frat guy that was supposedly trying to woo her, and when she asked what favor she could do him, he was inquiring that she be the fraternity’s official “Boob Girl”. When she researched further into what a Boob Girl actually entailed, she found photos of previous female students with the frats name painted across their bare chest. If this the first incident that has brought frat culture and sexual harassment to the attention of ODU, their going to need a larger microscope, because this seemingly harmless prank is just a glimpse into the window of frat fuckery that needs to be put to shame.


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