21 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s Going Through a Break Up

Break ups are, without a doubt, times when we are probably all at our worst. One moment we’re crying and stuffing our faces full of ice cream, the next moment we’re angry and righteously pissed off, going over all the terrible bullshit we endured in the relationship. Here are the 21 thoughts we know you’ve had during a break up:

  1. What the fuck is happening to my life right now I can’t believe this.
  2. Are they really breaking up with me? Are they serious?
  3. There’s no way they can be serious.
  4. Two weeks ago they were telling me how much they loved me and how they couldn’t live without me and now…
  5. I mean, how could this even happen?
  6. I just feel so overwhelmed.
  7. I’m never going to find another person like them.
  8. This cannot be happening.
  9. This is probably just a break, they’re probably not thinking straight.
  10. I’m sure we’ll get back together in like, a month or so.
  11. Right?
  12. Did they find somebody else?
  13. Did they cheat on me?
  14. Oh my god who is the girl they’re with now?!
  15. Is she hotter than me? I need to ask all my friends if she is hotter than me.
  16. Why am I letting this asshole pit me against other women? Ughhh
  17. I’m going to be alone forever.
  18. Actually I’m totally fine. I’m more than fine. I’m awesome. I’m an INDEPENDENT WOMAN.
  19. Who’s just…really lonely
  21. I just really need to get laid.

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