7 Beauty Trends We Hope Will Die In 2017

2016 was a big year for beauty.

From Kylie’s lip kits to pumpkin spice highlighter, even those of us who were never that into beauty suddenly found ourselves wanting to learn how to contour or buying eyelash extensions.

But while it’s dope that people are getting weird with makeup products, there have also been a couple of trends that we’re kind of over, specifically the trends that cover up someone’s entire damn face like a cakey mask.

We could hope that 2017 will be the year of au naturale makeup, with Kim K leading the way, but instead we’ll just cross our fingers that these beauty trends say “bye bye” next year.

1. Instagram Brows

We’re all for drawing in your eyebrows, or even micro-blading them for a naturally on-fleek look. But the shit that every Instagram beauty blogger is doing to their eyebrows does not look natural in any way. You know how you secretly used to make fun of your great aunt for drawing on her eyebrows? That’s what you look like now, sorry.

2. Cakey Contour

Even professional makeup artists are sick of contouring, and we are too. A light contour is one thing, but why on earth would you spend hours and hundreds of dollars just to cover up your entire face and look like a different person? Use makeup to boost your natural beauty, not hide it.

3. Overlined Lips

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Remember when everyone started overlining their lips to look like Kylie and then she finally admitted that she just got lip injections? Lolz.

4. Obvious Highlighter

The idea behind highlighter is to distract from oily parts of your face, not make you look like you’re projecting high beams from your cheeks.

Same goes for naturally colored highlighter vs. rainbow, pumpkin spice, or even black highlighters.

It’s chill for Halloween or for your YouTube makeup channel, but save your time and your bank account by not splurging on a pastel rainbow highlighter palette next year. Trust us.

5. Baking

Baby, vem no blog ver como fazer o #bakingmakeup e em menos de 10 minutos ficar linda e com a pele iluminada! ❤️❤️❤️ www.bisbilhoteiras.com.br

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Not only does baking take an excessive amount of time, it also sounds fucking horrible for your skin.

It requires loose setting powder, a high-coverage concealer, a sponge for blending, a cosmetic sponge that you don’t mind getting powdery, and a big fluffy brush.

Just like contouring, it looks great in selfies, but kind of ridiculous in real life. Maybe you should like, pass on this?

6. Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick was great in theory, don’t get me wrong. It stays on your lips way better, it’s easy to apply, and Kylie Jenner has her own line of them. The thing is, with staying power comes great responsibility, and liquid lipstick seriously wreaks havoc on your lips. Like, if you can wear a liquid lip every day and not have crackly dry-ass lips, you’re one lucky bitch. As for me, I’ll stick with chapstick, thanks.

7. Body Contouring

First off, who has the time. Second off, if you really feel the need to spend time contouring your abs, maybe it would be better to just, I don’t know, go to the gym?

8. Eyelash Extensions

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The amazing thing about eyelash extensions is that if you get them done right, you can totally get away with not wearing makeup. The not so amazing thing about eyelash extensions is that if you get them done by a janky salon, you end up looking like a hot mess. Just like acrylic nails, you have to get your lashes re-done frequently or else look like a shit show, and you also have to get them taken off properly if you don’t want to lose all your lashes. If you’re not a Instagram model, you’re probs gucci with just a bomb mascara instead.

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