6 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed When You Get Your Eyelashes Done

For as long as I can remember, the mascara being peddled to me on the pages of glossy magazines and in the aisles at Duane Reade has promised to give me noticeably longer, fuller lashes.

For the most part, this claim turned out to be bullshit.

While I don’t disagree that mascara can make your eyelashes look darker, there’s no way in hell that anything you buy in a tube can give you Kardashian-level intensity overnight, within three to six weeks, or ever.

For that kind of look, you have two options: one, you need to invest in some falsies, which gets expensive and messy quickly, or two, you need to get your ass over to a salon and get your lashes did, which sounds both unbelievably high maintenance and kind of scary, but whatever, if that’s the look you want then some sacrifices have to be made.

Also, it’s not really that scary.

According to Courtney Buhler, founder and lead lash artist for Sugarlash, an award-winning eyelash extension academy, “lash extensions are perfectly safe and when done right, the natural lashes can actually be healthier than they were without the extensions. You can have lash extensions done consistently for the next 50 years and the natural lash will not be damaged.”

Amazing, right?

You just have to make sure that you’re not going to a salon that’s gonna jack you up, which sounds easier said than done.

“As for any beauty service, it’s essential to do your research when going for lash extensions or a lash lift,” Courtney Buhler explains.

But what should we all be looking for?

If you’re like me, and don’t trust yourself to sus out this kind of information for yourself, then you’re in luck – we got Courtney to dish on 6 ways to avoid being scammed our of your hard-earned cash when getting your eyelashes done.

#1: Look for professional photos

“Their website should have professional photos of their work rather than stock photos.  Great lash artists will have a professional portfolio of their work,” Courtney explains. “Lash artists are just that… artists. Some will be better than others so make sure you like their style and results before booking an appointment.”

#2: Or Instagram feeds

Courtney points out that “Instagram feeds are even better because you know these applications are real life, day to day clients that they are showing you.”

#3: Check reviews

Just like you’re not gonna take your parents out to some random restaurant the next time they come into town just because the food looks good on Instagram, you can’t just choose your lash artist because he/she posts some good photos.

Make sure you check to see what their clients are saying on social media and Yelp to make sure nobody’s walking away with a one star experience.

#4: Book a consultation first

Before you plunge head first into letting some stranger pimp out your eyelashes, meet them first and see what they’re about.

“Stay away from lash providers who promise you they can create any look you’re after if they haven’t seen your natural lashes first,” Courtney warns.

Just like how you wouldn’t trust any old hair dresser to turn you into a flawlessly gorgeous platinum blonde, you can’t trust anybody to give you sky high lashes.

 #5: Make sure your lash artist actually knows WTF they’re talking about

“Your lash artist should be able to answer a number of questions for you such as how they choose the length and diameter of the lashes they will be applying to you. The answer should be based on your desired lash look, but keeping in mind what your natural lashes are like,” Courtney adds, “Just because you want sky-high Kardashian lashes, doesn’t mean you can have them if your natural lashes are short and fine. This will cause damage.”

Then again, some people just aren’t meant to become platinum blondes.


#6: Trust your gut

If something feels sketchy to you, then it probably is. It’s true about guys and it’s true about your eyelashes.

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