The Best New Products To Shop This Spring: Guys Edition

Despite the up-and-down weather, it’s officially Spring! This means it’s time to switch your winter routine and bring out spring-approved products. Updating your grooming products every season may seem like a hassle, but view it as your wardrobe; you wouldn’t wear your puffer coat on a lovely spring day—your skin performs differently depending on the weather. We’ve narrowed down this season’s best products to update your look—from Face oils to SPF, you’ll want it all.


$29.00 Shop HERE

Cover imperfections with Dundas Beauty’s latest product. The Dundas ultra-hydrating medium-coverage concealer formula melts on contact with the skin. This multifunctional concealer stick is gender fluid, works well for all skin types, and can be used as a spot concealer, contour stick, or under-eye brightener.


$24 Shop HERE

After a refreshing shower, spritz this alluring fragrance and be transformed into a spring forest. The Forest bathing scent from IND. is one of six scents with notes of almond, rhubarb, fig, cyclamen, bamboo, tonka bean, and sandalwood. This is hands on one of my favorite scents from the collection.

GamePlan Refresh & Recover Post-Sweat Cleansing Wipes

$12 Shop HERE

Feel fresher after your next workout with GamePlan’s Refresh & Recover Post-Sweat Cleansing Wipes. They are formulated with non-stripping, non-irritating ingredients that will leave your skin soothed, refreshed, and recovered. They are cruelty-free.


$38-80 Shop HERE

C.E.O. Glow is a Vitamin C + Turmeric glow-giving face oil that recharges the radiance of your skin. Infused with advanced Vitamin C and golden turmeric for instant vibrance and antioxidant defense. C.E.O. Glow delivers cold-pressed, nutrient-rich extracts into your skin, leaving your complexion brighter and nurtured.


$8 Shop HERE

AXE does it again with its latest Fine Fragrance Collection. In just a few spritzes of this spray, you’ll get freshness and unbeatable confidence. AXE Fine Fragrance premium body sprays are formulated with 2x zinc zap technology neutralizing odor and keeping you smelling fresh for 72 hours.


$15.90 Shop HERE

Zara’s Eyebrow Gel is the perfect tool for shaping and sculpting your brows to perfection, it’s long-lasting finish will complete any look this Spring.

Waterboy Hydration + Weekend Recovery Drink Mix

$25 Shop HERE

Replenish after a long weekend with this drink mix by Waterboy. Formulated with electrolytes and vitamins, this hydrating drink mix helps reduce nausea and fatigue, and helps you chill out after a weekend of celebrating.

Vacation Classic Whip SPF30 Sunscreen

$22 Shop HERE

Sunny days forever with this dessert for your skin from Vacation. Lighter-than-air whipped mousse sunscreen with broad spectrum protection with a sink-in feel. Tilt valve applicator creates mountains of star-shaped foam for a fun skincare treat.


$24 Shop HERE

Concentrated oil-serum by SUPERHIGH – the streetwear of haircare. Hair Silk is a premium botanical oil blend that softens and strengthens hair, in a lightweight, silicone-free formula that doesn’t feel greasy. As an added bonus, it doubles as a beard, body and nail oil for versatile use.

REYAL Supreme Sport Cleansing Body Wash

$26 Shop HERE

A luxury shower gel for men from REYAL formulated with detoxifying antioxidants that helps deliver a revitalizing deep clean to prevent breakouts and calm redness and irritation. Made vegan and cruelty free.

Neptune Skin Deep Sea Hydrate Moisturizer

$40 Shop HERE

Allow your skin to feel as soft as the sea. Made to soothe, hydrate, replenish the SKIN, and restore it to its most balanced hydrated state. It is ideal for everyday use, whether getting the day started or calling it a night.

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