The advent of the digital era and subsequent explosion of social media brought the beauty industry to a metaphorical fork in the road. Major corporate conglomerates, bound to antiquated aesthetic standards, struggled to resonate with thousands of young consumers who sought to break away from stifling expectations of gender and appearance. 

The mainstream makeup landscape amongst today’s youth has broken away from traditional standards and evolved into a celebration of makeup as a bona fide form of art- accessible to people of all races, genders, and sexualities. More than ever, the culture of queer and gender non-conforming makeup artists and styles has gained unprecedented amounts of visibility and ushered in a surge of products and brands spanning from indie companies to massive celebrity beauty lines. However, this rush to cash in on the rapidly changing beauty sphere often lacked integrity and genuine community. 

AppleDoll Cosmetics quickly rose through the saturated market as a harbinger of progress, possibility, and the power of authenticity. By embracing innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment, AppleDoll defies conventions and is reinventing beauty on its own terms— rejecting the pressures of perfection and instead practicing radical acceptance.

AppleDoll Cosmetics Tinted Nectar Salve

With roots in Los Angeles, CA, AppleDoll was born from a desire to challenge the conventions of gender expression and carve out a corner of the beauty space: one where individuality is revered and makeup lovers everywhere are encouraged to experiment and express. Boasting a community-based affiliate program over 800 strong and counting, Appledoll is taking strides to connect its community in ways often overlooked by other brands. AppleDoll’s focus on creatives over models and art over algorithms is a breath of fresh air to Gen-Z in particular, as the young demographic of digital natives has come to crave a messier version of the web, one with more authenticity and fewer filters.

Film from the analog photobooth at AppleDoll’s Abbot Kinney Pop-Up

In tandem with its large Gen-Z following, AppleDoll has found its niche at the intersection of diversity, ethics, and artistry. Challenging stereotypical gender norms is one of the brand’s core values, as evidenced by the multitude of identities represented in its marketing campaigns. AppleDoll’s synergy with both makeup fanatics and casual wearers is perhaps best captured in the versatility of its products, encouraging creativity over consumption.  The brand makes a conscious effort to consistently spotlight unique and unorthodox uses of its products, whether it be a Faerie Wand for freckles and a bold lip or the Tinted Nectar Salve as a glossy shadow. By evolving past cookie-cutter beauty standards and gender performance, AppleDoll has cultivated a safe environment where its followers feel seen, validated, and valued in their exploration of the world of makeup.

With a commitment to cruelty-free and sustainable practices, AppleDoll has redefined “Clean Beauty” beyond physical appearance. AppleDoll’s gender-neutral products are vegan, ethically sourced, and proudly free of animal testing, instead trusting their team and community to experiment with potential releases. All of their formulas adhere to both the EU Clean List and Canada’s 500 Ban, prohibiting over 1,900 toxic ingredients in addition to another 25+-not-yet-banned ingredients known to harm people and the planet. AppleDoll prioritizes responsible sourcing and uses renewable plastic and FSC-certified packaging materials. As its Gen-Z base grows increasingly more discerning and eco-conscious, AppleDoll’s commitment to the environment and health of its community has become the brand’s beating heart.  

AppleDoll Cosmetics True Love Blush

But the brand’s devotion to its community engagement isn’t limited to the digital playground it’s built: their pop-up shop, located in Venice Beach, CA, is an analog love letter to the brand’s followers, and an opportunity for customers to swatch, shop, and experience firsthand AppleDoll’s innovative products and inclusive culture.

AppleDoll’s Pop Up on Abbot Kinney 

AppleDoll is proving to be much more than a beauty company. It’s the face of a new generation and a catalyst for change, setting a new standard in the beauty space. It strives to revolutionize beauty by celebrating individuality, and in doing so, inspires a generation to embrace their most authentic selves.

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