Where To Get The Best Eyelash Extensions In Los Angeles

We can thank the Kardashians for adding another level to our already complicated beauty game—unbelievably long lashes. But let’s face it, lash extensions are amazing. Like Keratin treatments and gel manicures, we feel hotter for longer with sultry, full lashes. There’s a long list of questions asked by fearful lash lovers, but there’s only one that really matters: Are there any dangers to look out for when it comes getting eyelash extensions? The main answer: Bad application (and an allergic reaction to the application glue).

I’ve had my lashes done by a few different people, but they either looked too fake or were glued to more than one lash, leaving me bald-eyed for weeks once they fell off. I felt angered and hopeless by the trend, that is, until I discovered GBY Beauty. Ever wonder where all the it-girls you follow on Instagram get their lashes done, including those Dash Dolls? A company founded by Courtney Casgraux and Kendra Studdert, GBY Beauty offers LA’s premiere lash extensions.

There’s four locations: San Francisco, Santa Monica, Silver Lake and Fairfax—located inside of salon hot spot Pretty Pretty Collective. If you visit the Fairfax location, you can sip on some Four Barrel Coffee while staring at hot skater boys as you receive your lash application. It literally doesn’t get better than that.

Visit GBYBEAUTY.COM to make an appointment today.

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