How to Bake Your Face For a FaceTune-Like Finish

The pore gods (drag community) have finally given us a pro tip for a flawless finish to our makeup routine: baking.

Baking is a perfect step to add after you put on your concealer. This technique used by MUA’s all over the world sets your makeup, get’s rid of fine lines, pores, and creates a real life FaceTune effect.

I’m a DO YOUR FOUNDATION AND CONTOUR LAST kind of girl so I always bake my face before I apply my foundation so that the residue from my setting powder mixes with the formula of my foundation and makes my makeup last longer (both techniques work the same).

Baking works by letting your body temperature literally cook the makeup into your skin, filling your pores. It’s not the best for your skin, but you’ll love the way your makeup looks afterwards and you’ll notice that your makeup lasts up to 12+ hours.

Basically, to bake, you apply a generous amount of translucent powder to the areas where you blended in your concealer, let it sit for 5-20 minutes, and dust it off. But here’s the step-by-step breakdown.


Wash your face, hydrate your skin, apply your BB cream, your lotions, whatever it is you usually put on.


Apply your foundation, heavier in areas where you need it most and lighter where you don’t.


Apply concealer along your nose, under your eyes and high on your cheeks. Hit the center of the forehead, your cupid’s bow, and the tip of your chin, and blend like you’ve never blended before.


Lightly dampen your beauty blender, and use it to apply a generous amount of loose setting powder to the areas you applied concealer.


Chill out for five to 20 minutes while your makeup bakes to perfection.


Step six: Dust off and enjoy up to 12+ hours of flawless skin.

Concealers to try:

e.l.f. Cover Everything Concealer
LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal
NYX Dark Circle Concealer
Nars Concealer
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Loose setting powders to try:

RCMA No Color Powder
Ben Nye Banana Powder
NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder
Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder
Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder

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