The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a current beauty fad that may not be just a fad after all. I’m predicting these bad boys become a way of life, much like a gel manicure. How do I know? Because my new favorite human ever, Arianna Montazem (aka eyelash extension extraordinaire), gave me the prettiest lashes I’ve never before had. These lashes changed my game! Not only do I look good sans makeup (never thought I’d ever say that), but I totally have a new flirty fire lit inside of me. With every bat of my new lashes, I collect a hottie’s phone number or get a free coffee. I never want to see myself without them and will be getting constant fills until the day I die. Yes, I was scared that I’d end up lash-less like all the Beverly Hills moms I see pushing strollers into LA lash bars, but Arianna helped me realize that a good application makes all the difference. I decided to talk to her about the many misconceptions that come with lash extensions and got some tips on how to make them last! Read it all below.

Galore Mag Eyelash Extensions

Why should a Galore Girl get her lashes done?

A Galore Girl should get her lashes done to feel glamorous at all times. Having lash extensions makes life easy. It cuts out the extra steps of having to deal with eyeliner/mascara daily. Not to mention that they literally look real. Like Beyoncé said, “Wake up, flawless.”

What’s the biggest misconception about eyelash extensions?

That they damage the natural eyelashes. This all depends on where/who you go to and how they are applied. Real eyelash extensions should be applied individually, one extension, to one natural eyelash. They should be completely separated and not stuck together. Your eyelashes shed every 4-6 weeks and not every lash is on the same cycle, just like any other hair on your body. So applying them completely separated and not stuck together is crucial for keeping the health of the natural lashes in tact. When thinking of getting eyelash extensions, it’s always good to go on Yelp, read reviews, and to also make sure your technician is cosmetology/esthetician licensed, and certified with a reputable eyelash extension company. 

How many weeks do the eyelash extensions last?

Extensions last 4-6 weeks. Majority of my clients get fills every 3-4 weeks. At that point you have about 40-60% of the lashes left.

Does it damage the lashes to apply mascara?

When you have eyelash extensions, the use for mascara is not needed. However, you can use mascara, it’s not damaging. Just make sure it’s not waterproof and to be very careful when removing it.

What sparked your interest in the eyelash extension business?

Very funny actually, I had zero interest in doing eyelash extensions. At the time (2 years ago), I was more interested in hair & makeup after getting my cosmetology license. My mom had gotten them done and brought the idea up to me and thought it’d be a good thing to invest into because she felt it was going to become very popular. So, she forced me to take the certification course and it was very challenging at first. I was determined to master it after the course and now eyelash extensions have become my main focus! Mom is always right.

Once the lashes are applied, what should you avoid doing?

You want to avoid rubbing your eyes, using oil based products on the lashes, and wiping them with any makeup wipe or anything with loose fibers. They will get caught in the lashes and cause them to tangle.

Best trick to break the ‘rub your eyes’ habit?

If you have itchy eyes or allergies, like myself, and are a chronic eye rubber, I definitely suggest keeping anti irritation/allergy eye drops on hand at all times. I prefer Clear Eyes Anti Allergy.

Galore Mag Eyelash Extensions

Arianna Montazem

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