Contouring’s Out, Draping Is In — Here’s How to Do It

Contouring with blush is the hottest beauty trend this fall. And Mallory Merk, the 16-year-old model and muse making waves in the fashion industry – she also has an awesome EP out right now – wanted a new look. So makeup artist Tati Donaldson gave it to her! Here’s your step-by-step tutorial to “draping,” brought to you by Galore TV.

You’ll need:

UNSUN SPF 30 sunscreen

Sephora Rouge Balm D SPF 20 Color B07

STEP 1: Use a little bit of sunscreen on your hands and press it into your skin.

STEP 2: Dot some lip balm on the apples of the cheeks.

STEP 3: Take your fingers (or a flat foundation brush) and blend.

Step 4: Stop right where the end of the brow is and bring it back down.

Step 5: And there you have it! DRAPING!

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