You Can Now Put Pumpkin Spice Highlighter on Your Face

For many people, fall is an exciting af time because it’s the only time of the year that gives you an excuse to be basic. We get to commit all of the basic offenses: sweaters, those Ugg boots you hide in the back of your closet, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

And while the PSL might be better at Twitter than you, it’s honestly best thing to come out of the basic world.

But what if someone were to combine our fav basic trend of the summer (the highlighter) and the PSL to create the most ultimate basic accessory that you don’t even have to be ashamed about owning?

Well, looks like someone already did it because this highlighter captures the essence and beauty that is a PSL and makes it an accessory for your face.

Feather River Body sells this highlighter on Etsy, along with a bunch of other shades of highlight, but obvs this is the best for fall.

This highlighter is like the rose gold iPhone, a glamorous upgrade from the basic. Even though in this pic it looks really orangey (like basically Donald Trump’s complexion), but once applied to the skin, it looks a lot more peachy as seen below.

But I think the best part about this highlighter is the price: only $5. The PSL gods have blessed us with this new look.

Excuse me while I stunt with this highlighter in every Starbucks during PSL season.

[H/T] Refinery 29

Top photo via @sonjdradeluxe

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