16 People Explain Why They Cheated On Their Partners

While everyone cheats for different reasons, there’s no denying that being cheated on can make you feel down on yourself. You wonder if you could’ve been too distant, if you weren’t pretty enough, if you could’ve put out more.

The truth is, many of the times that people cheat actually have to do with personal reasons, such as insecurity, rather than relating to their partner. In light of the Jay Z and Beyoncé scandal that broke this week, we asked our readers what motivated them to cheat on their partners.


“The times I cheated were when I wasn’t getting the attention that I had been getting previously from my boyfriend at the time. I know it’s immature, but after you’ve tried to confront your partner about how they seem distant it comes off as desperate and clingy and usually makes them more distant than if you never said anything. So, I did it to get their attention at first because the person you cheat with makes you feel deserved and hot which is how your boyfriend should make you feel. So it starts out as wanting attention and then when someone gives you that attention and you’re also horny, cheating just happens eventually.”


“It was purely selfish. I wanted to take molly and have crazy sex and my girlfriend at the time wasn’t into that.”


“I cheated because I felt like my partner didn’t care about me anymore. I feel like you should never have to question whether or not someone cares about you. I cheated because I stopped feeling loved and I wanted out. It wasn’t because I wanted to hurt him, it was more like a cry for attention.”


“Our relationship was crumbling down and it was obvious he wasn’t happy with just being with me and he was thinking about other girls. So I got drunk and hooked up with this dude at a bar. Sure enough, we broke up two days later and he never found out.”


“I was on vacation in Dubai on New Year’s and we went to this party and there was a guy I had previously hooked up with before I was dating my boyfriend at the time. The guy started attacking me (he was super hot), and was like, ‘C’mon, I know you want to kiss me.’ I tried to fend him off, but I eventually I gave in. We then went to another after party, we went back to his place, got in the jacuzzi, and at that point I was like ‘fuck it.’ I had wanted to break up with my ex for some time because I knew I didn’t love him, I was also salty about him cheating on me a month ago. I definitely wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t cheated on me before, I kind of viewed it as a free pass.”


“Me and my boyfriend stopped getting along and kept fighting all the time, the sex wasn’t as frequent and that wasn’t ok for me. We were high school sweethearts and I started wondering what else was out there. I should have broken things off first, but there was a thrill in being sneaky.”


“It was a long distance relationship between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. I realized after a couple of years that I was in love with the idea of him, but not actually him. Cheating started after social media enabled him to become needy about my whereabouts, my RSVPs, my Snapchat best friends (which were public at the time). It wasn’t until he acted over-protective that I felt untrusted and became willing to and open to not caring and being okay with sideboos here and there.”


“To justify her cheating on me.”


“Definitely the shittiest thing that I have ever done to someone, but I was in a long term relationship early in college. Looking back on it, it was really an open relationship that she didn’t know about. Like any guy early on in college, I wanted to get with every hot girl I saw, and did so on a regular basis throughout the entire relationship. I knew that she wasn’t the one, so I wasn’t going to sacrifice my sex life. However, I did like the girl, so I didn’t want her to get with anyone else. Real fucked up.”


“The guy I was seeing at the time never complimented me or told me I was pretty, like even at formal events he wouldn’t tell me I looked good even when other girl’s dates were [telling me I looked good]. This one kid invited me to his frat’s formal and he was kinda scrubbish and scrawny and not my type. But, this boy kept asking me out to coffee and dinner cause he wanted to know me better before his formal. He would also tell me how nice I looked that day and little things like that. When it came time for his formal he kept telling me beautiful I looked and that I was the best looking date there and really catered to me and made me feel nice. When we got back I was drunk and craving coffee and saying my feet hurt and I was cold so he gave me his jacket and gave me a piggy back ride back to his apartment and made me a cup of coffee and we stayed awake talking. I ended up staying the night and we cuddled and made out a little bit but we didn’t sleep together. He didn’t even try to which was nice. Afterwards, the other guy and I ended things and I never told him that part because I realized I deserved to have all those little things said to me cause in the end every girl deserves them and whether or not we wanna admit it, it matters.”


“I was dating my ex’s best friend, but I still had feelings for my ex-boyfriend so I’d sleep with him on the side. Neither one of them ever found out. I was just being selfish. I think low-key I wanted them to find out, but they never did”


“I felt trapped and like I was losing who I was in the relationship so I cheated to force myself to end it.”


“I found my current boyfriend when I was in 10th grade. I hadn’t experienced anything and had never met a guy outside of my town before. In my college years I met guys but didn’t really click with them past the one night. My family expected me to date a man that went to work in a suit and attended college, etc. I tried that and it just wasn’t appealing after breakfast the next day. I was also able to officially execute a one night stand, I’ve always wanted one under my belt. Boys do it, why can’t girls? Although this all caused me anxiety and my relationship a lot of heartache, I’m glad I took the risk of putting myself out there. It showed me what I wanted and taught me that the guy I’m actually dating is the one. I’ve been dating him for 10 years now without any breaks (God bless his soul) and I am starting to settle down. The glory days of new boys are ending. Oddly enough, I’m almost okay with that.”


“I cheated because my boyfriend of five years cheated on me and was physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive. It was my only way out and it helped me realize the cycle of abuse that I was in. If I didn’t cheat, I would still be in that relationship, and I wouldn’t have realized that I could have done better. Cheating was the most powerful and liberating choice I made for myself.”


“He was being insecure because I was around a bunch of guys (I managed the wrestling team at my school) and freaked out at me when I didn’t respond to his text because my phone was on the aux cord. He accused me of cheating, so then I did it to be spiteful.”


“My girlfriend got really fat and didn’t want to have sex anymore. I still loved her and knew she was just going through a tough time, but I was horny as hell and she wouldn’t do me. I went and made a Tinder, met up with a bitch from there, fucked her brains out that whole night and swore I’d never do it again.”

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