16 Horror Stories of People Who Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating

Iggy Azalea found out her fiancé was cheating on her after his teammate recorded a video of him bragging about his exploits this week.

Iggy’s story is pretty horrendous, but we all have a friend or two with an even more cringeworthy “How I Found Out” story. So we asked our friends and readers to share their most devastating cheating horror stories.

If you’re suspecting your S.O. of cheating, you may not want to read these stories. If you’re single, sit back, relax, and cringe at these stories that will make you never want to enter a relationship again.

1. Netflix and Kill

“His computer was hooked up to the TV because we were watching a movie, and an iMessage notification pops up in the corner mid-movie that said, ‘you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend.’ I stood up and was like, ‘go ahead, text her back.’ I made him respond to her, so I got the full story from the source judging by her responses, because he was still trying to downplay it. Then, I stood up and told him he was disgusting, shoved him out of the doorway and left.”

2. Bad Boys Finish Last

“I was 16, dating the bad boy who punched our high school principal and effectively was a drop out. He was 18 and we always partied hard. All his friends loved me but consistently warned me that I deserved better. After about three months of dating (he initially sought me out, and actually asked me to be his bf in the most romantic way ever), his best girl friend drunkenly said that she invited my bf to go on a double date with her and a guy who had a gay friend (even though she knew he was dating me). My boyfriend ended up hooking up with his date, and when I confronted him he laughed it off. To spite him, I lied and said I never thought we were actually together and I was seeing someone else. Him being the bad boy he thought he was, flipped shit and stormed off while I sat there laughing with the fake friends of his that I thought looked out for me.”

3. Hair Dryers Don’t Give Blow Jobs

“We weren’t officially dating, but after hooking up on and off I found out that he had been fucking one of my best friends because his best friend told me. I tricked the guy and my former best friend into telling me by saying the other person had already told me, because they wouldn’t admit it otherwise. Then lots of weird shit started making sense, like why she was obsessed with knowing where I was at all times and why she’d say he’d come over to borrow her hair dryer…”

4. Dear Diary, I’m a Home Wrecker

“This chick who I became super super good friends with through my ex-boyfriend was my #1 bitch for a solid three years. We hung out almost every day, even after my boyfriend and I had broken up, because we all remained friends. One day, like two years after I had broken up with the dude, we were all chatting and drinking and hanging and they made a comment about the couch that we were all sitting on that rubbed me the wrong way — my ex said, ‘This couch isn’t as bouncy as I remember.’ So when the girl went to take a shower later that night, I opened her journal and found way more than I expected to. Looking through the journal, I found thousands of stories of how her and my ex used to hook up (while I was still dating him) on their lunch breaks from work. She wrote some of her own thoughts out loud, asking, ‘Why does [his girlfriend] matter?’ ‘Who is she anyway?’ and ‘I wish he would dump her so we could be together forever.'”

5. Loose Lips Sink Ships

“I had a boyfriend and we were together for four or five years. After we broke up I was at the bar with a bunch of people and someone I went to high school with came over so I said hi  gave her a hug, small talk stuff, you know. When she left, one of the guys I was with (a mutual friend of me and the ex), said, ‘Wow, that is really cool that you guys can get along after she slept with your ex when you were together.’ I was like, ‘Wait, WHAT?!’ The next day I confronted him and asked him how many people he cheated on me with. He said about five.”

6. That’s a Turn Off

“Many years ago when I was living in New York with my girlfriend at the time, she had a male friend who I always thought was a little too close, but she always told me I was crazy and I didn’t trust her. One night, I decided I wasn’t trusting her enough and since this guy was a friend of hers I decided to be the bigger person and invited him over for drinks. I thought that would make her happy. He had never been to our apartment before, so I thought, and we had a crazy light switch in the bathroom which you had to turn on from the kitchen. When he needed to use the bathroom I was about to tell him that the light switch was in the kitchen, but he walked right over to the kitchen. There was no way he could’ve known that the light switch was there, so right away I knew. I confronted them both as soon as he came back. They admitted it was true. I moved out and he moved in.”

7. Unfollowed

“I quit my job to move to a new city and went freelance so I could raise my fiancé’s kids for a year. We had been engaged for a year, planning our wedding for the spring. All of a sudden, I noticed this girl tweeting at him a lot. She also hinted that they had been out to dinner one night when I was out of town. I thought it was really weird, but he denied and denied it. He said he didn’t really know her, they were just friends, etc. He stopped replying to her, but when I clicked on her timeline all of her tweets and favs were to him. I DMed her and asked for her email address. After she gave it to me I introduced myself and was like, ‘Hi, I’m his fiancée, can I ask you the nature of your relationship?’ Turns out he had been having sex with her for months. Keep in mind during this whole process he called me a ‘stalker,’  he said I was ‘batshit crazy’ for not trusting him. He apologized and begged me to take him back. I almost considered it because of the kids, but I told him he needed to be 100% honest with me. I asked him about other girls I had had suspicions about and it turned out that he was fucking several of them, frequently in our bed, several times within hours of having sex with me. I literally would take his kids out to play and he’d have some woman over. So, I broke off my engagement and told him to fuck himself obviously. Now he awkwardly hits on my friends online sometimes.”

8. That’s No Alarm Clock

“In high school, we were at a party and we were all drunk and ended up sleeping there and I was with my boyfriend. Well, we slept on the girl’s pull out couch and this girl who I used to be friends with slept with us on the pull out couch. Not thinking anything and not really realizing that my boyfriend was sleeping in the middle (now that I think of it I have no idea why?), but anyways, I woke up to the sound of him fingering her. I freaked out and almost fought the girl, and left.”

9. Viva La Bam

“I was dating this guy for about five years. We lived together, worked together, etc. We were working on a movie in North Carolina and I noticed that he was getting friendly with a wardrobe girl. He was a quiet guy and I was actually kinda stoked that he made a friend. The job ended, we went back to New York. He told me he had a job working with Bam Margera and that it was a travel job in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and that it didn’t require any co-workers. He would periodically call and tell me what motel they were staying in, what silly antics Bam was up to, etc. One time I couldn’t get a hold of him and I was super worried. I called the hotel in the town that he said he was staying in, and they had no idea what I was talking about. I happened to log onto our Expedia account to price out a plane ticket (I was planning a surprise trip for us to Portugal) and saw that he had flown to North Carolina. Turns out, he had been seeing the wardrobe girl and communicating with her behind my back since our job together! Probably the creepiest part: he was never even working with Bam.”

10. Freshman 15

“In college, at a bar, my BFF was ‘sticking up for me’ to a young freshman who I thought was trying to get with my boyfriend. I was bartending and we were just throwing shade her way the whole night. Finally, we went up to her and asked, ‘What is the problem here?’ Her friend looked at her and said, ‘What’s going on, why is she coming up to you like this?’ Her response: ‘She’s mad at me because I fucked her boyfriend.’ I walked away in shock.”

11. That’s Just Fucked Up

“I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with a coworker. She was fucking him in the basement of the house that he lived in with three other bachelors in their 30s, and I saw it through the basement window. I then proceeded to kick the window until my foot went through it (accidentally). He had told me that he was at a 9/11 memorial for his dead friend.”

12. Up Shit’s Creek

“A woman I know retrieved a curious wad of paper she saw floating in the toilet, and it turned out to be a torrid letter to her husband, who had tossed it there without realizing it didn’t go down. Needless to say, a real shit storm ensued.”

13. Scream Queens

“I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me through Yik Yak. The app basically gave me live updates and apparently everyone else knew but me. It started as a sorority fight where another sorority on campus was calling my sorority ‘slutty,’ then random people retaliated and said how a girl in the other sorority was getting with my boyfriend at the time. From there, people kept commenting on every shitty thing he’s been doing/lying about and I got to live witness the whole thing and find out what’s been happening. I then got to send him screenshots being like ‘gotcha.'”

14. BF + BFF

“The first time I found out was because my best friend at the time (who was also close friends with m boyfriend) told me that he told her that he cheated on me. Then, another time, I found out because my “BFF” texted me that she couldn’t take it anymore and had to tell me that she hooked up with my boyfriend twice. One of the times was while I was in the same hotel room as them but was sleeping. After talking to my boyfriend, he finally admitted that he cheated on me many more times with other girls from school. It’s safe to say that I’m not friends with that bitch or dating that psycho anymore.”

15. Close Family

“I went to call his sister from his phone. It wasn’t his sister. Turns out they had been dating for three years.”

16. Jerry! Jerry!

“I found out he was talking to some other girl inappropriately and called him out on it. Then later, I found out he was trying to hide that this girl had two kids — and he was their father.”

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