These Are The Only Times It’s Acceptable To Get Back With Your Ex

You know when you’re watching Titanic for the 30th time and you sit there silently hoping and praying that Jack isn’t going to freeze to his death this time around? You know it’s a movie and you know that Leonardo Dicaprio dies every damn time, but you still can’t help but hope for the best and pray that somehow, somewhere, little magical creatures have crawled into your DVD player and created a happy ending. Yet, moments later you find yourself crying into your snuggie as Kate Winslet’s character screams “Jack! Jack, come back!”

There are many eloquently written metaphors that describe getting back together with an ex, but this is one of my favorites. Getting back together with an ex is like watching a movie you’ve already seen and hoping for a different ending. I hate to say absolutes, like “people never change,” but in reality they hardly do. There’s a reason you broke up with your ex. Maybe it was him, maybe it was you, maybe it was the two of you together; but no matter how much time has passed, it’s unlikely that things are going to end any differently the second go round.

Ultimately, it’s never really the greatest idea to get back with an ex, but if any of these circumstances apply, you can give it one more shot.

1. You’re Back In The Same City

Even with our amazing technology, long distance relationships can be tough. If you and your old boo peacefully broke up because you were moving across the country for your job, we totally get it. Props to you for trying to make things work in a new city on your own, and props to your boo for understanding and not holding you back. If you both end up in the same city again, awesome! Maybe it was meant to be after all?

2. You Find Out That You Were Wrong

Two weeks ago you and your ex got into a horrific screaming match after you found out that he hooked up with another chick from your sorority and he denied it. Only, it turns out that he didn’t hook up with that chick. Your “reputable” source only now realized that the guy he saw was actually this dude on the lacrosse team that looks exactly like your boo. If he accepts your apology for mistaking him for a cheating bastard, you two can go on your lovely monogamous way.

3. Over a Year Has Passed

Like I said before, people don’t really change, but after 365 days, they might a little bit. If your ex is still trying to talk to you over a year later, he might really care about you (or you were simply the best he’s ever had). Maybe in the past few years he’s changed from the scummy frat guy to a mature college graduate, maybe he’s learned how to actually be a good boyfriend. This is a slippery slope, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt if you use your own judgment. However, if you two broke up because of cheating or some other type of serious fight, don’t bother.

Photo via Eirini Skoura


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