The 7 Types Of Guys You Shouldn’t Take To Formal

Unless you have a boyfriend, picking a formal date tends to be one of the more stressful decisions you make about your social life. Do you take your booty call? Your best friend? The guy who keeps trying to guilt trip you into taking him? While you’ll (hopefully) have a good time no matter what, and there’s always the option of going solo (it’s actually a blast, let me tell you), make sure not to take one of these guys:


1. The Outsider

So maybe it seemed like a fun idea to take your guy friend from home, or a random hottie from a neighboring school. Sure, he might be a cool dude, but do you want to spend your night babysitting? If you don’t want to spend the whole night by his side, introducing him to all your friends, you might want to consider another choice.

2. The Player

He goes to everyone’s formal, he’s hot, in a good frat, and has probably slept with half of ayour sorority. While he’ll make great arm candy, you might not feel so confident in your decision when he’s awkwardly avoiding eye contact with half of your dinner table and/or ditching you for another dude’s date.

3. The Friend-Zoned

Can guys and girls ever truly be friends? While the question is still up in the air, you might be considering taking your good guy friend. But how good of a guy friend is he? If he is not your blood related relative and is single, after you both split a bottle of Svedka he’s probably going to try to start making out with you (and you might not be sober enough to deny him). If you don’t want to awkwardly avoid a hook up all night, pass on this.

4. The Party Animal

In your mind, he’ll be a great date because he loves to drink, dance, and have a good time with everyone. In reality? He’ll be blacked out before you make it to the dance, and puking in the bathroom by dinner time, not to mention the possibility of damages he incurs that is going to be billed to your sorority. Best case scenario? He gets sent home and you can enjoy the night without having to babysit his ass.

5. The Boy-Friend, Not Boyfriend

You guys have been talking and hooking up for a while, and you’re secretly crazy about this dude. Naturally, he has no idea except for the random Thursday nights when you text him “i <3 you soo)O0 mucho” at 2 am. If you haven’t “DTR’d” (defined the relationship), you’re setting yourself up for an awkward night. If you expect him to act like your boyfriend all night and he ends up ditching you for his bros or dancing with other chicks, you’re probably going to be pissed and it’s going to ruin your night.

6. The Booty Call

You guys have been having the perfect f***-buddy ship for a month now, and although most of the time you spend together is with his face between your legs, he seems like he’d be a good date. While you won’t have to worry about not getting laid at the end of the night, do you really want to spend 4+ hours with someone who you’ve never had a real conversation with? Probably not.

7. The Cheap-Skate

If it’s your formal, you’re likely paying a decent chunk of money for your date’s ticket. He should have the decency to buy you a bottle and/or multiple drinks at the bar (if it’s not an open bar). I get that this is the 21st century and girls can pay for things…but like I said, you’re buying his ticket and bringing him as your date. It’s common courtesy for him to provide the funds to get you drunk (he should want to anyways).

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