There’s Now Another (Free) Way To See If Bae Is Still On Tinder

The only thing we’re more obsessed with than Tinder is finding out if “taken” people are on Tinder.

For the suspicious girlfriend, there’s always the option of Swipebuster, the website that analyzes Tinder users in your geographical area to determine if your boo is one of the many fuckboys right swiping everything in his path. But, for the average gossip-loving adult, Tinder’s new feature, Tinder Social, may offer even more key evidence as to who’s unfaithful.

The new feature allows users to form groups with their friends and match with other groups for a night out, a group date, or whatever. But it also more publicly links your Tinder profile to your Facebook.

Tinder has always been connected to Facebook to eliminate fake profiles, but the new update has made Tinder even more connected. So if you enable Tinder Social, your Facebook friends will be notified that you’re on Tinder via their newsfeed (a la “Ashley Uzer and 43 others are using Tinder Social”), and your work and school information from Facebook will also be shown in your Tinder profile, according to Mic.

Unsurprisingly, this has been met with a shitload of criticism. The cheaters who still fuck with Tinder are likely pissed, and the many people who still can’t own up to looking for love on a dating app (hello? It’s 2016?) are not happy about their cover being blown.

The thing is, Tinder Social is meant to be for making friends, similar to Bumble BFF. Except Tinder Social isn’t just for females, making it a bit different and definitely still leaving room for potential hook-ups to happen. Unfortunately, if you find your fuckboy boyfriend using it, he’s probably just going to claim he’s looking for bros, because that’s totally something that guys do…

It’s unclear if people are actually going to now use Tinder to look for platonic friends or not, but our suspicions tell us that the social feature is mostly going to be used by the types of people who want to get laid but can’t handle a real date, and/or for the occasional orgy.

In the meantime, stop being ashamed about using Tinder if you’re single, because everybody on their mother is on it. And if you’re still worried that your boo is using Tinder, dump him.

Lastly, if you’re the one sneaking around on Tinder, we’ll give you a hint: turn the Tinder Social feature off!

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