These Jobs Get NYC Guys The Most Right Swipes On Tinder

A couple months ago, data was released showing which jobs get the most right swipes on Tinder.

Now, Tinder is releasing data to show which jobs are most popular/fuckable in certain cities, with the big apple coming in hot.

The ladies list proved that dudes are fucking obsessed with teachers, which isn’t much of a surprise. But the dudes list was rife with a couple of shockers.

For instance, male nurse? Really? We couldn’t have at least gone for doctor on that one? We basically chose Ben Stiller’s character in Meet The Parents over McDreamy or McSteamy…cool.

Also, lol at #2, because it seems like every dude on Tinder is a “CEO” of something these days, even if his only entrepreneurial skills include marketing himself to his Tinder matches.

1. Engineer

2. CEO/Entrepreneur

3. Registered Nurse

4. Personal Training

5. Financial Analyst

6. Chef

7. Advertising Account Executive

8. Architect

9. Student

10. Musician

11. Pilot

12. Software Developer

13. Firefighter

14. Teacher

15. Writer

Let’s be real, does it really matter what job a dude has. Sure, dating a chef would be dope I’m sure (hello free food constantly), but clearly not all chicks care that much about the stereotypes surrounding their boy toy’s profession considering that “software developer” and “male nurse” made the list.

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