These Jobs Get the Most Right-Swipes on Tinder

Tinder can tell us a lot about people’s dating preferences. And based on the latest data, we’re all really into people whose jobs reinforce gender stereotypes. Great!

Tinder just released data on which professions received the most right swipes, and unfortunately, the list fits pretty snugly into traditional gender stereotypes in the workplace. Aside from “founder/entrepreneur,” most of these professions are stereotyped as jobs for women.

1. Physical Therapist

2. Interior Designer

3. Founder/Entrepreneur


5. Teacher

6. College Student

7. Speech Language Pathologist

8. Pharmacist

9. Social Media Manager

10. Model

11. Dental Hygienist

12. Nurse

13. Flight Attendant

14. Personal Trainer

15. Real Estate Agent

The top male professions are also what you would expect. They’re all pretty stereotypically masculine. With the top right-swiped profession being pilot, you can just imagine female Tinder users matching with a pilot and mentally planning their life together, complete with weekend trips to Thailand.

1. Pilot

2. Founder/Entrepeneur

3. Firefighter

4. Doctor

5. TV/Radio Personality

6. Teacher

7. Engineer

8. Model

9. Paramedic

10. College Student

11. Lawyer

12. Personal Trainer

13. Financial Advisor

14. Police Officer

15. Military

You could make an argument that men are more concerned with girls who are pretty and caring, while women are more interested in men who are wealthy and/or strong.

But perhaps some of these jobs were the most right-swiped because they’re the most prevalent on Tinder? You can’t necessarily blame men for right-swiping every girl that works in PR, because maybe it’s simply that the majority of people working in PR are women.

This isn’t necessarily a problem with men so much as it is a problem with society. I personally think a dude is just as likely to swipe right on a model as he is on a doctor, especially if he finds that doctor hot. A lot of guys might be intimidated by women with high-paying jobs, but in our experience, there are just as many who find drive and ambition a turn-on.

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